How do you decide if fostering is right for you?

Deciding to be a foster parent takes time making the decision if it is right for your family and yourself. Are you someone that can accept a child into your home, which will make the dynamics change in your home? Children come into foster care from all different ways of living. Some abused physically, mentally and seen violence between their birth parents, mother or father’s significant other if birth parents are divorced. Fostering a child is caring for a child that needs to feel loved, wanted and most of all safe. As foster parents, you have to remember that your opinion does count but yet you do not have custody of the child and the final decision is always the state that you are working with. 

When deciding if you are the type of person that can foster children you have to be open-minded and also have an open heart. You have to be able to accept when the time does come for a child to return to their birth parent or another family member that the bond between the child and yourself could end depending on how the birth parents feel.

To foster means to nurture, or help someone grow. Family foster care means to help a child to grow within a family in a caring way. It provides an opportunity for children and families to heal, grow, and develop.

As a foster parent ourselves we are going on nine years of caring for children that are not ours but come into our home and within days they are a part of us. When they leave we hope that we have instilled in them what is a safe and loving environment and we hope for them that they will have that safe and loving home with their birth parents. It is rewarding as foster parents to have opened their home to children in need. 

Foster homes is a need everywhere. So many children have no home and/or a permanent home. There are about half a million children in the foster care system. There is only around 125,000 families currently licensed to care for them, there is definitely a need for people to open not only their homes but their hearts too.

Being a foster parent is just having the love for the child that they did not possibly have before coming into care. Reminding them daily if not more for a smaller child letting know they are in a safe home. Letting them know you are a home that is full of love, warmth, and that you want them to be there. Knowing the child is the right fit for the family is important. Once a child is placed, they try not to move him from one foster home to another. 

Even though foster parenting can be challenging, it can be rewarding and it can make many memories for you, the foster parent and for the foster children present and for the future. Good foster parents know they’ve provided a home for the needs for the child. The best ones could turn a child’s entire present and future around.

If you can love a child unconditionally, look beyond the turmoils and find their strengths, and able to offer the child hope for the future. You got it made and you are that person that can foster parent. Nobody goes in the foster care system program completely unprepared, as you have to go through a screening that consist of finger printing, background check, home study, training and then the licensing process.

Depending on the state you live in the state may or may not have educational classes for people interested in becoming foster or even adoptive parents. Most times the class is required before you can become a licensed foster home.You need to check with your state’s Health & Welfare office and see what information they have regarding becoming a foster parent. They may have a pamphlet that can be sent to you that will give you brief information about being a foster parent in the state you live in.