How can you make your child feel special?

Children are precious, and they need to feel special to allow their confidence and self-worth to grow. It is imperative to a child’s development that they feel loved and cared for, and that they feel like worthy individuals. Children that feel special and loved will thrive and grow up to be strong, independent, successful individuals in life.

Here are some ways to make a child feel special:

Special moments

With busy hectic lifestyles it can be easy to forget to slow down to enjoy the simple things in life. This rushed way of life seems to make it impossible to give enough attention to others to make them feel special or noticed. This can be especially true where children are concerned, as there are more responsibilities, and less time to enjoy the little moments. The special times that are treasured seem to pass by, as everything is faster paced. Make time each day to enjoy special moments that are simple, but mean a lot. Spend time sharing breakfast together whilst chatting before the day starts. The smallest of gestures are the ones that make children feel special, and a little time to share a moment together makes all the difference.

Quality time together

Nothing makes a child feel more special than spending quality one-on-one time with parents. Set aside special time to enjoy an activity together with no other interruptions, ensure not to be distracted and forget about everything else that needs doing, and just concentrate on having fun, and enjoy sharing time together. It is important to focus on the activity at hand, and not to let the mind wonder elsewhere, as a child will not feel special if you are only half there. Connect with your child at their level, and enter their world to enjoy whatever it is that they like doing most. Interacting with a child at their level, and spending quality time with them makes them feel very special. Children crave the attention of parents, and they are in their element when mom and dad show a real interest in what makes them happy.

Love and affection

We all thrive on love and affection, it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, and lets us know that we are cared for. This is especially important with children that need plenty of affection and love to grow into happy, well-rounded individuals. A gentle touch, hug or kiss makes anyone feel special. Children love attention and affection, plus they give the best hugs. There are many ways to display affection, whether the sentimental type or not, it can be in the form of brushing a child’s hair, having them sit on a knee, or a warm greeting. It is never too late to start showing affection to a child, and one can never be too old for a hug or a kiss. Hugs and kisses go a long way to making children feel special and cared for.

Be attentive

Children feel special when they know that they are important. They feel important when others listen to them, and have time for them. It is imperative to make a child feel noticed, always listen attentively, as they need to be respected and feel like they are worthy of the attention of others. Talking and listening to a child is important for their development, and spending time communicating and listening attentively to a child can make them feel very special. Listening whilst doing other jobs doesn’t make a child feel important or special at all, ensure to stop and take timeout to listen to them, even if what they have to say doesn’t seem important. What is important, is that they have your undivided attention, and for that moment they feel special, and they know that they have someone that they can talk to any time.

Children need to feel special to be able to thrive and develop into confident individuals that have self-worth. Sharing special moments, making time and giving affection all go a long way to making a child feel special. Children that feel loved and special, feel secure and safe.