How being Muslim Affects me as a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is the same around the world. The grandparents still love the same and want the best for their grandchildren. Many people notice how different nationalities and religions affect different families. Though families raise their children differently with some religions, the love stays the same.

Muslim grandparents will instill in the grandchildren, the same lessons they have instilled in their children. Muslim grandparents expect a certain behavior in their grandchildren. They raised their children especially their mothers, to be a tower of kindness and strength. The grandparents expect their grandchildren not to speak loudly or shout. Muslim grandparents frown on any harsh or rude behavior especially to those who are family members. This is just the way the Muslim culture is carried out.

Muslim grandparents expect their grandchildren to be close to God, just as they raised their children. They want their grandchildren to exhibit God like traits and give themselves completely over to God. Theses traits include not acting or behaving as though they are not in emotional control, have sudden outbursts of anger, and not thinking before speaking.

Muslim grandparents expect their grandchildren to be confident but not self centered. This is a big pet peeve among many Muslim people. The male grandchildren are supposed to be leaders and independent. However, being overbearing is considered shameful.

The Muslim grandparents may have different rules and regulations. However, the impact of a different religion affects the life style of their family. Their religion has no impact on being a grandparent. They still love their grandchildren and would do anything for them. The thought that a religion compromises being a grandparent is foolish. Muslim grandparents expect proper manners and respect from their grandchildren. That is not a bad custom to observe in today’s society.

That is not to say that that Muslims do not have customs that others outside the faith may find uncomfortable. It is more common for males to touch in their religion and culture. So grandfathers and grandsons will embrace quite often and perhaps even kiss. With Christian grandparents, it is not unusual for the grandfather to inquire about his daughter. However for Muslims, a man inquiring about a female family member once married is consider insulting.

The Muslim grandparents will often cook larger meals and have the family members over more regularly. This is a common Muslim routine and many dinners have lasted a good portion of the day. As a Muslim grandparent, they are  person will be teaching the Muslim laws and customs to their grandchildren. The ancient knowledge and customs are considered sacred.