How and why Grandparents are special

Grandparents are historians and holders of family’s detailed information and their secrets.  Oftentimes, once they are gone, such information goes with them to their graves unless it has been shared with children and grandchildren. What stories they can tell about relatives you never knew as well as stories like the time Daddy told his first lie about stealing candy from the grocery store or when Mommy tried on Grandma’s clothes when she was a little girl.

Their limitless love is shared equally with every grandchild, and nobody has more patience to listen to the same song sung repeatedly by a four-year-old. Comfy laps tell stories either from history or their imaginations to the delight of young and old. Grandparents are very special people, indeed.

Visiting Grandparents’ home is special, too. They have photos of the family from many years ago, and Daddy’s first baseball or Mommy’s favorite doll. Grandchildren get to play with these items if they are very careful and treat them with respect for they have survived many years of use and love. Treats unlike any they have ever had are prepared. For instance, Grandmother may grow rhubarb in their garden, pick and wash it and put its slices into a delicious rhubarb and strawberry pie. While doing that, Grandfather plays music on his guitar and sings one of his favorite old songs. Living history is what gets shared at the Grandparents’ home. They build a foundation of memories that Grandchildren will never forget.

When they visit Grandchildren, Grandparents bear special gifts. Some are items they made by hand, like a blanket or sweater, a hat or slippers. A wooden rocking horse or hand-made kite demonstrate Grandfather’s interests, which give the Grandchildren hours of fun. Such gifts reveal that not all “surprises” have to be store bought and they can be even more fun than those that are purchased.

Traditions are passed on down by Grandparents. Some are from the old country, while others were begun by them. Memorable holiday, school-year, graduation and religious celebrations demonstrate how special each event is for every family member. 

With a view from a distance and decades of experience and wisdom, grandparents have an ability to analyze a situation and come up with various scenarios for changing it. For instance, when Daddy and Mommy cannot get the little ones to settle down for the night, visiting grandparents may suggest out of children’s earshot that having sweets within a couple hours of bedtime get them wound-up. They recognize how the children would benefit from more outdoor activity an hour before bedtime to release their energies followed by a bath to relax and ease sore growing bones and muscles.

Love flows freely from grandparents, since they don’t have the daily stresses of parents. Cuddle time is any time, as is play time and story time. Reading the same story books over and over is a joy, since they don’t get to do it on a daily basis. Make believe builds Grandchildren’s imaginations and stimulates creativity. What grandchild could not benefit from such patience and encouragement? Grandchildren are God’s gifts to grandparents for all their years of hard work and efforts.