How Absent Dads can Affect their Kids Future

An absent dad can affect a child’s future in many different ways.  Each child will react differently to the absence of his or her father, and a lot will of course depend on the parenting skills of the mother.  The following are some ways that this absence can affect a child’s future.

They may get into more trouble as a child, which can follow them in adulthood

Obviously two parents can watch a child better than one can with everything else being equal.  It’s another person to pay attention to a child and to notice if something goes wrong.  When a father is absent, a mother has to often work extra hard and might have even less time for their child.  She might not notice if the child starts to have problems if she is off working two jobs to try to support herself and her children.  If a child starts down the wrong road such as by getting bad friends, doing illegal things or getting into drugs or alcohol, then this can affect a child for the rest of their lives.  Some children that have fallen into this would not have if their father had been around.

It might make some children more responsible and independent

With an absent father, a child might have to be more independent.  Their mother might not have as much time to coddle them.  They may have to help out more with younger siblings, and they may have to pay for more of their own things.  They may end up being more responsible in the future as a reaction to this.  In addition, they may understand the difficulty of growing up without a father.  They may therefore make a pledge that they will not be an absentee parent as their father is to them.

They may rebel

A lot of children are very upset by the fact that they do not have a present father.  They will miss out on all of the father/son camping trips and daughter/father dances.  Other kids might tease them or treat them differently.  Because of these things they may rebel.  They may blame their mother and the relationship with her might suffer.  This rebellion can last into adulthood and create lasting consequences for the child.

They may not have the money to realize opportunities

With an absent father, a child might not have as much money to use to go to college.  They may miss out on other opportunities that their mother couldn’t afford.

A father’s presence is important in a child’s life, and in many instances, such a lack can create life-long consequences.  The above points highlight some ways in which this absence might affect a child’s future