Household items that can be used for entertaining a baby

The best things in life are free, and this goes for baby toys, too. Anyone who has ever had a baby in the house knows that simple household items entertain them better than anything you can purchase from toy stores. There is no need to buy all the latest in cool baby toys that they only really enjoy for about five minutes. This money could be put to better use, and could even be saved up for later life.

Items found around the house to entertain baby:

Pots and pans

Every babe since the beginning of time has loved banging on mom’s pots and pans, or taking a spoon and stirring some imaginary concoction that only their minds can perceive. Wise moms (and grandmas) arrange a special cabinet just for baby. It contains only safe kitchen articles, and is big enough for them to crawl inside and have a ball.


Your car keys are the keys to their hearts, literally. Forget those plastic keys at toy stores that light up and make all kinds of musical noises. They love the jingle, jangle of metal keys much better. Keys contain a lot of germs, of course, so it’s best to make them their own safe ring of keys out of discarded, obsolete keys (if edges aren’t too sharp) or blank keys you’ve purchased from the key engraving department at a discount store. These can be safely disinfected and kept aside just for baby (and you don’t have to worry about Junior losing your car keys.)

Photo albums

Have you ever noticed how much babies love flipping through photo albums with you? Better than any animated picture book they have in their little preschool library. Of course, this activity needs to be “shared” with Mom or Dad, as you don’t want your priceless photos crumpled or torn.

Plastic bottles

Put some beads or buttons inside a clean empty plastic bottle, glue on the lids, and let baby entertain himself up a storm.

Empty soda bottles

Put something colorful and intriguing inside an empty two-liter soda bottle that you’ve cleaned well. Something like glitter or shiny stars. Glue the lid on and watch baby have hours of fun rolling the bottle around on the floor, enjoying the glitzy show inside.

Coffee containers

Save your plastic coffee containers (or any other safe plastic food container that has its label removed) and let baby use them to stack up and topple over again and again. Best set of blocks in the universe!

You get the idea. Entertaining baby does not have to be expensive, and what a great way to build their little imaginations!