Homework vs Work

We want to work, don’t we? Well, we don’t want to work just for the heck of it, but we want to work because work equals money. If we work, we earn money, and if we want money, we can use the transitive property to deduce that we actually want to work. However, when you’re a teenager, you may need to worry about a different kind of work: homework. You may cringe as I bring up the malicious monster that we teenagers combat every night of the academic year, but you need to understand that you can live while working a job and doing your homework; it just requires some skillful prioritizing.

First of all, homework is definitely more important than a job. Unless your family really needs the money, you probably work your after school or weekend job just so you can have a little extra spending money to use when you want to hang out with your friends at the mall and buy some expensive, over-priced items. What will this get you in the long run? Nothing, really, but doing your homework and handing it in on time will get you better grades, which will help you get into a better college, which will help you get a good job, which will help you make more money. Either way, you make money, but if you work as an adult, you can make much more money.

So, if you are torn between working a job and doing your homework, you should definitely do your homework. Even as a teenager, you should think about the future and do what’s best in the long run. Yes, you should try to live in the moment, but let’s face it: you should live in the moment when you’re doing something fun, such as playing sports with your friends. Don’t live in the moment when choosing between homework and work, because a job has a clever way of disguising itself as the better option while it’s really the worse.

I like to write outside of school, and I think of that as a part-time job. It takes time out of my schedule that I could be using to do my homework and study; however, I still know how to prioritize. Simply put, you need to gauge how much time you have to complete your homework after working your job. If you generally have two hours of homework a night and get off of your weekday job at seven o’clock, then you’re probably in good shape; worst case scenario, you end up going to bed at ten o’clock each night if you’re a diligent student, and that’s not very bad at all.

Though it may be tempting to pour all of your time and effort into working and earning money, you need to fight that urge, buckle down, and do your homework. I’m going to tell you right now: it isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth falling behind in school and suffering in your grades because you just wanted to make a quick buck. If you believe that your job is preventing you from completing your work and studying, you should quit it and cut your losses. So what if you won’t have as much money lying around? If you tell your parents that it’s because you’re focusing on being a good student, they might just give you a loan.