Homemade baby shower centerpieces

Baby showers are a time when you can really show the mother-to-be that you care for her and are there to support her.

First-time moms especially, are often worried about the birth of their child and how they will cope with a new baby. The opportunity to kick back and chat with other mom’s is a great opportunity for her to chill out. It’s also a great time for work colleagues to assure a mom on maternity leave that she hasn’t been forgotten and that everyone is still thinking about her.

Whether you are organizing a baby shower on your own or helping in a team of people, take time to think about a great centerpiece for the occasion. You might be having a sit-down meal, a buffet or just arranging the gifts on a side table, but all these situations can be improved with a thoughtful centerpiece to draw the eye and add the wow factor.

Here are some ideas for quick and easy home-made baby shower centerpieces that will look great, but won’t cost the earth or take six days to create:


Use the baby shower cake as the centerpiece for the table, and surround it with smaller cakes that the new mom can take home. She might not have the time or the energy for home baking as she nears her time, and can pop home-baked goodies into the freezer for later.

Pile the cakes up in a pyramid shape, using boxes if necessary to give height and support the higher ones. Add florists ribbon tweaked into curls to draw the arrangement together. You can add cupcakes to the arrangement instead of baked goods, if you prefer. Decorate them with baby-themed icing shapes, or use alphabet cutters to spell out guests’ names.

Baby doll

Use a life-sized baby doll to laid out in a bassinette to show off some of the gifts. Dress the doll, and arrange him/her with toys, pacifier, mobile etc.


Remember the pineapple and cheese hedgehogs of the 1970’s? This idea can be updated for the 21st century.

Wrap a large potato in foil or baby wrapping paper and place in the middle of your centerpiece. Tape small gifts such as baby bath toys onto the ends of barbecue skewers and press them into the potato. Make sure you balance the weight of your items so that it doesn’t tip to one side. When all your skewers are in place, sprinkle glitter sequins all over the arrangement and the table.


Place a monitor in the middle of your table and hide the DVD player or computer underneath. Make up a DVD of stills or video footage of either all the friends together, or of the new mom and dad as children. Get the parents on side, and they will be more than happy to send you old photographs.


Go traditional with flowers in a beautiful, classic arrangement. Add a touch of whimsy with some tiny teddies on skewers placed at random in between the flowers. Add some ribbon bows on sticks as well, either in blue or pink if the mom knows the sex of the baby, or in yellow or white if not.

These centerpiece ideas are quick and easy, but will look good, too.