Hippychick Stackable Steadycup Review

The Steadyco range of toddler feeding equipment has won numerous awards. Their cups come in a range of colors to choose from including red, pink, yellow or blue. The Steadycup is designed in such a way that a child can be weaned straight from the bottle onto these cups. The Steadycup is designed for use from 12 months of age and they are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

The steadycup has a large open top making it “mouth friendly,” and a wide base to prevent it from being knocked over, which gives a child more confidence in using the cup. The small handle is just the right size for little hands, which helps increase dexterity and coordination. The cup is bright in color to appeal to a child, and the nice chunky design means it is durable.

The Steadycup can also be stacked which is handy for storing them when not in use. The cups are BPA free and they are constructed from polypropylene which is a non-toxic plastic, another advantage is they are fully recyclable. The steadycup holds 6 fluid ounces, which is a sufficient amount for an infant.

The fact that the cup has a wide base means a child is less likely to knock the cup over as they pick it up and place it back down, which gives them more confidence to use the cup independently. However, toddlers still get great pleasure in finding out if their cup can bounce as they throw it onto the floor. The Steadycup is strong and durable, and it can withstand boisterous toddlers.

Drinking from a cup independently gives a child a great sense of achievement, and they are likely to drink more as they have control. Steadycups are perfect for the weaning stage, and as the design is plain a toddler will be happy to continue using the cup as the get older. They are also affordable too, so you can have one of each color to make sure you always have one clean and ready to use, as this is the only cup you will need. The cups are hard wearing, and they should see quite a bit of use.

These cups can be put in the dishwasher, they can also be sterilized and they can be used in the microwave if needed. Steadyco have a ‘Let’s EAT’ range of fun and innovative tableware which is designed for preschoolers.