Herbs that Stop the Flow of Breast Milk

When the time comes for the breastfeeding to stop it can sometimes be a painful process. Mum will want to dry her milk up as quickly as possible because of the discomfort breast engorgement will bring and a possibility of developing mastitis.

The worst thing to do is to keep expressing, because that will prolong the agony. If you get really engorged it is best to sit in a hot bath and gently press and let some milk go (only a little) just enough to let a bit of the pressure off. Hot flannels help to relieve the pressure too.

Natural remedies that will help dry up the milk have been used by our elders for many generations and well meaning advice is not to be sniffed at – especially as they do seem to work really well.

A lot of people recommend three to six cups a day of sage tea to dry the milk but I personally used mint tea which tastes a lot nicer and worked just as well. Jasmine can also be used, as well as cabbage soup. Incidentally fresh cabbage leaves are well known to be of great benefit in reducing milk production – just bind as tightly as you can bear or wear a sports bra to get optimum effect from the cooling properties that will help to soothe inflamed or sore breasts.

Another useful herb to use is parsley and is much easier to use because it can be added to food without making a drastic change to the flavor of the dish, and much less is needed to produce a positive effect.

The worst things to take are fenugreek, raspberry or brewer’s yeast because they are specifically used to help increase breast milk.

The main problem you may have will be with mastitis which occurs when you have a blockage in the milk ducts which then become infected. It is very important to seek medical attention if you get flu like symptoms and your breasts become kind of warm and feel really hard and sore. You will probably need antibiotics and you need to be checked properly. Natural remedies for mastitis can also be used such as elder and dandelion.

In conclusion there are many herbs that will help to successfully dry up milk production and can have positive results within as little time as a week. However, there are just as many natural remedies that will also increase the production of breast milk. Before embarking on any homeopathic remedies you would be advised to have a quick word with your health visitor to ensure that you are following the right course of treatment and to be sure that you have no underlying problems that need to be addressed first.