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Concerning the field of medicine, the study of infertility is a relatively new science but using herbal supplements to increase fertility is not.  As early as Biblical times, people used herbs as a way to increase their chances of having a baby.  Throughout the ages some herbs have proved time and again that they may be used successfully to assist some people in conceiving. For couples who are looking to conceive naturally the following list of herbs are the heavy hitters in increasing your chance of success. 

Pomegranate- In ancient cultures the pomegranate is viewed as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Pomegranates encourage good reproductive health in women and have a lot of nutrients that may optimize the overall physical health of both women and men who are trying to conceive. Pomegranates may be enjoyed in their natural form, in herbal supplement form and some health food stores carry the essence of pomegranate.

Vitamin C- Most people know that vitamin C helps combat the common cold but vitamin C also has an overall positive effect on our entire immune systems. The healthier you are the better chance you will have of conceiving a child. Vitamin C also increases male fertility by increasing a man’s sperm count.

Red Clover- Red clover is one of the most potent herbs in terms of fertility. It is believed to tone the uterus and it restores and encourages hormonal balance. It may be taken in supplement or tea form. Making red clover tea and letting it seep overnight will increase its potency.

Red Raspberry- Red Raspberry Leaf is a wonderful herb to be used in the earliest stages of pregnancy.  Red raspberry leaf helps a fertilized egg stay attached to the uterine wall therefore preventing some miscarriages.  Red raspberry leaf also helps tone muscles in the pelvic region which may promote a less strenuous natural delivery.

Peppermint- Peppermint is commonly used with red raspberry tea to increase raspberry absorption. Peppermint is also very soothing and may be used as a sexual stimulant. Peppermint is also used to maintain a healthy immune system warding off colds before they start.

Zinc- Zinc is well known to reduce the severity of a cold and boost the immune system. But recent research suggests that zinc deficiencies are sometimes responsible for infertility in men. Zinc deficiencies may cause lower testosterone levels and lower sperm counts in men. Men may want to check with their fertility doctor before using a zinc supplement.  For women, zinc supplements may strength their immune systems.  Most over the counter multivitamins contain zinc. Zinc is also available to be taken alone in supplement form.

 If you are trying to conceive as always it is wise to visit your doctor to obtain a course of treatment from him.  If you are choosing a natural course of treatment your doctor may give you a list of herbal supplements that are best to increase your chances of success.