Herbal Remedies to Boost Fertility Boost Fertility Naturally

There are several natural remedies that will increase your chances of conception and these can be integrated into your diet with a minimum of inconvenience.

Fertility plays an important part in every woman’s life. Some women conceive easily (and sometimes without any plans for a child) whereas others, whose bodies are functioning just as effectively, find that the road to conception is inexplicably long and rocky. It can be very upsetting to yearn for a child, only to find that it is taking far longer than you would wish.

Herbs can help to prepare your body and make it more open’ to pregnancy. Used with other methods, such as an ovulation chart or the Billings method a system that involves monitoring cervical mucus to determine ovulation dates herbs can help. You should also deal with any stress in your life. If you are tense and anxious, this can block conception taking place so remember to use herbs to help you relax more.

If you have been trying for a baby for some time, then you might want to create a chart that monitors your menstrual cycle so that you can work out the optimum time for conception to take place.

Generally, ovulation occurs mid-cycle, around the 14th day, with three days on either side of your ovulation. Every so often ovulation can take place early or late in the cycle and this makes it difficult to plan. Fortunately, herbs such as dong quai and wild yam can help to rebalance this. Chasteberry is another herb renowned for helping women who are experiencing fertility problems, but it shouldn’t be take during pregnancy.

When you make love, focus on the feelings of love and connection with your partner, and try to put overriding thoughts of conception out of your mind during the act, as this can cause counterproductive anxiety.

Introduce these natural fruits, herbs and vegetables into your diet to help you benefit from their fertility-boosting properties and increase your chances of conception.


This vegetable is eaten to increase the male sperm count and the seeds help to promote female fertility. Carrots are rich in vitamins A and B, which are often not eaten enough in everyday diets. The seeds, as well as aiding fertility, are stimulants and are useful for flatulence, which is a common problem early in pregnancy. Eat carrots raw or as a lightly steamed vegetable.


In ancient times the banana was planted in temples to honor the gods and act as a petition for conception in those days it was thought that the gods would grant children only if they were sufficiently worshipped with gifts. Bananas are rich in iron and vitamin B6 and contain tryptophan, which converts into serotonin, a chemical that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. During pregnancy, bananas keep your blood sugar healthy and ease morning sickness. Include bananas in your diet to help prepare your body for conception.


The pomegranate has been noted as a fertility symbol since ancient times, when it was immortalized in the legend of Persephone. The fruit is also documented in the Kama Sutra and it has gained a reputation for being a potent aphrodisiac.


Just as bananas can symbolize the male sexual organ, figs represent the female organs associated with reproduction. They have high iron content, which is important to health and fertility. Figs can also be used for coughs, skin rashes and constipation. Boil the fruit in water, strain and drink once a day, or eat a few figs each morning.


Cumin is an emmenagogue and antipyretic. The seeds are used to help regulate the menstrual cycle and to bring increased health and vitality to the reproductive organs. Use the seeds in your cooking and the leaves in salads. You can add cumin oil to ice cream, drinks, sweets and bread.

Dong quai:

This Chinese herb has been known to help women who want to conceive by regulating the menstrual cycle and helping to tone a weak uterus. Hormone regulation is also promoted by this powerful herbal remedy.

One of the best ways to get all of nature’s goodness concentrated in a refreshing drink is to make a smoothie. By enhancing this with fertility-boosting ingredients you will create a smoothie that may help you to conceive. To make the smoothie you will need:

Fertility fruits and vegetables carrots, bananas, strawberries and apples.
Cumin seeds
2 Figs
Spring water

1. In a blender or juicer, mix a banana, apple, carrot and two figs.

2. Add a pinch of cumin seeds and a cup of chilled still spring water. Blend well and top with a sliced strawberry. Drink the smoothie with your breakfast each morning to increase your fertility and emotional well-being.