Helping Children with Autism Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for kids with autism is as beneficial as therapy for social impairments and behaviors, for these three areas of language, social skills and behavior often determine a person’s success and ability to function acceptably and prominently within a community. Parents of kids with autism need to reognise that speech therapy for their children will help them connect better with others in their community.

Kids with autism have more hurdles to cross to attain acceptable speech proficiency as studies have shown that they are lacking in ability to process subtle cues in communication and social interactions. Speech is not just verbalising for them, but involves all aspects of thinking and communication.

Because the needs of kids with autism often span a spectrum, it is important that speech therapy involves understanding and treating the speech sound processing problems in autism, as well as the socio-linguistic acquisitional difficulties that normal kids do not face. Hence speech therapy for kids with autism will involve more areas beyond the mechanism of producing the right sounds in speech.

When an experienced speech therapist who has expertise in helping kids with autism speak works, he will also look into areas that other speech therapists working with normal kids will not. Speech therapy for kids with autism is a total package that will result in the many benefits.

* Decoding the actual causes for speech refusal

Because autistic kids have needs on a spectrum, their needs can span a range that are not clearly visible to an untrained eye. Kids with autism are usually sound or touch sensitive. Speech refusal may even be linked to how they are spoken to, the pitch of the speaker’s voice and the mannerisms of the speaker. There are many layers of needs that must be worked through before kids with autism can finally speak with ease.

* Acquisition of appropriate skills for speech

With proper and detailed diagnosis, kids with autism will learn more than just speech production. They will learn how to deal with the needs that are preventing them from catching the words and intended meaning of the speech directed at them, such as the tone of the speaker’s voice.

* Making appropriate sounds

Another benefit of speech therapy is that kids with autism will learn to differentiate the various sounds that they are making. Autistic kids who also have dispraxia may have their own undesirable coping mechanisms that help them deal with the need for speech. They may make strange sounds that are comforting to themselves but irritating to those around them.

* Proper non-verbal cues

Speech therapy for kids with autism will also deal with non-verbal aspects that are needed for effective communication. They will be taught skills such as keeping their eyes on the person that they are speaking with and reading and interpreting non-verbal communication cues.

Speech therapy for kids with autism is an important aspect of helps for them to be able to function as normally as other kids. It is pertinent that their parents include speech therapy as a core help towards functioning as normally and as independently as they can in their community.