Helpful Tips for Bringing a Baby or Small Child to the Movies

Bringing a baby to a movie theater without any mishaps is possible, but it takes a lot of planning, and low expectations on your part. By having low expectations, you are likely to be less disappointed if you have to retreat from the theater early.

First, consider the type of movie you want to see.  Try to see a movie geared toward young children the first time you venture to the movies with your baby.  There will likely be young children there, meaning there may be some noise, which will be helpful in your situation.  Going to a family movie can also be beneficial in that there will more than likely be other parents there, who will be more understanding if your baby gets restless.

You should consider the day and time of day you take your baby to the movies.  Try going during the week, to a matinee, when theaters are less busy.  You might even get lucky and be by yourself in the theater, giving you the perfect situation for a test run at the moves.  Also, do not arrive too early to the movie. 

The longer you sit and wait for a movie to start, the more restless your baby may get.  Another way to successfully get through the movie is to try and see it during your baby’s nap time.   Bring your baby’s carrier or a sling to slip the baby in, should he or she fall asleep.

Next, be prepared.  If you are bringing an infant, make sure you have plenty of bottles, if you formula feed.  Small snacks for older babies are also helpful.  A couple of small toys that do not make noise can keep your baby distracted, should he or she become fussy or bored. 

Also, plenty of diapers, wipes, and a changing pad are necessary.  Another helpful tip is to sit in the front row.  That removes the distractions of other people in the theater, and the baby can focus on the screen. 

If by chance your baby does get fussy or loud, try to soothe the baby in the hallway.  If you are still unable to soothe the baby, do yourself and everyone else in the theater a favor and leave. 

You can always try again another day.  And as stated before, if you go into it with the mind frame that you may have to leave five minutes into it, you will not be disappointed, and will not ruin the experience for other movie-goers.