Having Fun when Snowed in

Being snowed in can be fun if you have prepared for it. You know that it is wintertime and there is always the possibility of a winter storm. Do some preparation for being snowed in and when it happens, you can have a fun day even though you are stuck inside.

Movie time

A snow day is a perfect time to cozy up under a warm throw, relax and watch a movie. If you have a service such as Netflix, you can get movies instantly delivered through your computer or television to watch on demand. No more stopping at the neighborhood store to rent a movie, signing up for a program such as Netflix means you are prepared for when you get snowed in.


There is something about being snowed in that makes people hungry. When you shop, buy some extra snack foods and if necessary, hide them away for such an occasion. Having popcorn while you watch a movie makes the activity more fun. Having the makings for hot chocolate is also a nice treat even if you are unable to get outside to shovel the snow, it is still a warm treat to have.


Baking together with your children is a fun activity to do when you are snowed in. Have the ingredients on hand for homemade cookies or cupcakes. This will help to entertain your children and the smell of sweet treats baking in the oven will warm your home.

Game time

Playing a board game is a fun way to spend the day when you are snowed in. A family can play a board game together and enjoy some family competitiveness. If you are snowed in and you do not have enough people to play a board game, why not try an old-fashioned game of cards? Often because we are so used to technology we forget about how much fun a game of gin rummy can be.

Video games

Instead of everyone in your house going off playing individual video games, if you have a system that allows for two or more players, set up a family challenge. With a system like the Wii, you can spend hours playing games like tennis, bowling or basketball. Trying to beat each others scores or just playing for fun can pass the day.

If you haven’t prepared ahead of time by stocking up on snacks or having ingredients on hand to bake, get creative. Go down your basement or look on the top shelf of your closet and discover things that have been hidden away. Maybe going through an old box of family photos can entertain you and your children.

The way to have fun when you are snowed in is to not worry about what the weather is outside and just take advantage of having the time to spend with those you care about. You will be creating memories by just doing things that you haven’t had time to do or trying new things to do together.