Have Fun and Learn too

Educational summer camps can be an excellent choice for many children. At first glance one may assume that to be educational the camp must be academic. There are many different kinds of camps that teach students different skills and are based on interests. Lets take a broad look at education summer camps.

One of the best web sites for summer camps is HowToLearn.com . There is information on almost any type of summer camp imaginable and it is a great place to begin the search. Some of the types of camps that are available are
*Academic camps *Athletic camps *Acting camps *Activities/craft /games/swimming  *Adventure camps *Animal interaction camps *Archeology camps  *Aviation camps
*Astronomy camps *Beach camp  * Cheer leading camp  *College prep camp *Community service camps  *Computer camps *Cooking camps  *Gifted and talented *Hiking camps
*Horsemanship camp *Language camp *Medical camp *Military camp *Marine science camp
*Modeling camp  *Oceanography camp *Performing arts camp

The list of the types of camps could go on for pages. So how can you determine which camp in the best. The truth is the answer will not be the same for every child and every family. The key is to break it down to interests, needs, costs and accreditation.

Many families will allow children to attend two camps per summer. One must be an academic camp in an area they need help or excel in. The other camp can be purely an interest. Often times there are day camps held locally that can serve as one option.  

Cost is certainly a factor in choosing the best summer camp. Some camps allow parents to chaperon over a session where their child is not involved as part of the payment plan. Parents need to consider travel and housing expenses if the camp are located out of town.

A great website to begin a search for an academic camp is Find the Best. The camps are listed by state. There are cost details that can filer choices. There are clear markers of what the camps entail. It is a great search site to at least learn some options.

Another good idea is to review university websites. Many of them offer summer camps of various kinds. This gives the student the opportunity  to check out campuses and think about college in the future. Typically these programs are geared to have an option of earning some kind of credit as well.

So what are the best summer educations camps? The ones that the family can afford, that the student is interested in, and that is a legitimate camp. The answer will be different for every family.