Guide to the Essentials in Baby Safety Products for the Home

When it comes to baby safety, many people think of strangulation hazards in the home, potential falling of heavy furniture or items and listing the poison control numbers on the refrigerator. However, baby safety essentials are more than just realizing the visible dangers that can be around your home. There are a variety of dangers that can be present and just as visible, but can be forgotten by many parents. Here are 5 essential baby safety products that stand above the rest in terms of the safety of your baby.

Electrical outlet plugs

Although electrical outlets can seem harmless to most people, they pose a huge safety hazard for babies. While it can seem unfathomable for your small newborn to stick something into a wall socket when you first bring them home from the hospital, children grow up very quickly and will soon start to crawl and explore everything around the house.

Covering these electrical outlets can prevent a tragic event once the baby starts to crawl and walk. Children love to explore new things, fit things together and try to see how things work. Sticking anything into an electrical outlet can be dangerous whether it’s a small toy or finger.

Water thermometer

A water thermometer like the Baby Octopus Bath Thermometer is a crucial safety product for babies. Priced inexpensively at around $3, this thermometer has a temperature strip that tests the bath water while floating in the tub. This is a great item for water that can sometimes fluctuate in temperature, regulating itself from hot to cold. This is also a great item to gauge whether or not the water is simply too hot for a baby’s delicate skin. Sometimes the temperature that seems right to an adult touch may be too hot for a baby, and the thermometer is a necessary product to ensure there is no scalding of a baby’s sensitive skin.

Kitchen safety

Even though most babies are restrained from entering the kitchen by a safety gate or door, there will inevitably be a time when the baby will be in there. Whether it’s while you are carrying the baby to get something in the kitchen, or an unexpected time when the door or gate is accidentally left open, it’s important to keep certain items locked in the kitchen.

The Safety 1st Oven Front Lock and the Babies R Us Stove Knob Locks are two great products that promote safety in the kitchen. An overlooked kick of the foot while you’re holding the baby or a reaching up to play with the knobs can mean disaster for your family and your home.

Toilet lock

Curiosity of the bathroom is completely normal in babies and toddlers. This is very much encouraged by many parents because it can promote enthusiasm and encouragement of the potty training process. However, it’s important to be aware of the hazards that the bathroom possesses. While parents are aware of keeping toxic chemicals from a baby’s reach, many people don’t realize the threat the toilet can be to a baby.

While many babies are exploring crawling and climbing, the toilet can pose a drowning threat or even injury to the head and body. Falling into the toile,t or having the lid come crashing down on small fingers, is a definite safety hazard that can easily be prevented by purchasing a toilet lock. The Safety 1st ProGrade Push-Button Toilet Lock is inexpensive, easy to use and fast releasing for adults and older children not wanting to fumble with a complex toilet lock.

Laundry safety

The news is constantly coming out with more and more tragic stories of infant deaths due to washer and dryer accidents. Babies can crawl in from the top or open the front loaders and the results are tragic. It’s crucial to purchase a lock for your top loading and/or front loading washers and dryers. It is not sufficient enough to keep laundry doors closed because there needs to be an extra line of defense in case a door is accidentally left open or a child manages to get it open by themselves.

Everyday appliances and items in the home can seem relatively harmless to most adults. However, there are a variety of different things in the home that are simply unsafe and dangerous to babies. It’s important to recognize these items and protect against them. Ensuring the safety of your home and family can be as simple as purchasing a few key items instead of leaving things to chance.