Guide to the different Types of Sippy Cups

It can be confusing picking out different cups after the bottle stage for your baby. While your local supermarket can have a certain amount of options, visiting a baby surplus store, or even a big chain store, can multiply your options. It’s important to know what all of your options are when it comes to sippy cups to know which ones will suit your baby the best.

Wide mouth plastic straw

A wide mouth plastic straw sippy cup has a straw like apparatus, but the wide mouth plastic opening has a similarity to a bottle nipple that makes for an easy transition in growing babies. The Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cup has a contoured bottle that is easy to handle for small hands and the locking mechanism offers an audible clicking sound that ensures no drips or spills 

Handle cups

Handle sippy cups have a shorter bottle length that offers a smaller amount of liquid inside the contents. However, the wider bottle with the dual handles offer an easier grip for the baby, while the plastic sippy mouth offers an easier suction. The Green Sprouts Sippy Cup has a flip-up spout to prevent spills and is durable enough for dishwasher cleaning. The Green Sprouts Non-Spill Sippy Cup offers the same kind of design but has a soft sippy spout that is gentle on baby’s gums. The soft grip handles are removable to transition for baby’s growth.

Insulated cups

Insulated sippy cups are great for keeping drinks cooler for a longer period of time. Whether it’s for travel purposes or mealtime, these types of cups are good because of the increased amount of liquid that can be held. The First Years Insulated Sippy Cups come in a 2-pack and are offered with a wide range of favorite character themes. There is a spill-proof valve built into the actual lid. Munchkin makes a similar insulated cup with character themes and a click lock mechanism that won’t spill or leak.

Take and Toss

Take and Toss cups can be found almost anywhere; from your local pharmacy to the baby aisle at your grocery store, they are available. The Take and Toss cups are inexpensive in price and come in a variety of different forms, from plastic sippy heads to regular straws. They usually come in a variety pack of five or more. The idea is that since the cup is inexpensive, parents don’t need to worry about losing one or accidentally throwing one out. Also, once you see general wear-and-tear on the cup, you can simply toss it out and use one of the other cups in the value pack. The lids and straws are all interchangeable and the colors are bright and cheery with a good amount of liquid that it can hold.

Straw Cup

Straw cups generally come with the same type of setup. The straw is filtered through the lid of the cup with a suction valve and detachable portions. The lid has a click lock mechanism that prevents spilling and there is a flip top that folds the straw to prevent leakage through the straw opening. Playtex offers these types of cups and they usually come in a 2-pack; but because the straw is plastic, it can be difficult to clean and can be subject to wear-and-tear. Munchkin also offers a Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup with silicone straw and a dishwasher safe material that is also BPA free.

Grow Up Cups

Grow Up Cups are the last stage in sippy cups. The lid doesn’t have a straw or suction mouth. The cup is virtually an open cup with a lid that fits into the top of the cup. Babies put the cup to their mouth like a regular cup and suck from the actual cup opening. However, the inserted lid prevents from a full on leak from the top of the cup. This develops coordination with using an open cup and helps prevents spills.

Sippy cups can be great for babies because it is a milestone that comes after the bottle stage. The sippy cup offers a little independence because of the handles and helps to transition into using an open cup. Understanding the different sippy cup options can help to decipher which one will suit your child best.