Guide to Teaching your Toddler to Brush their Teeth

Many parents don’t think to put a lot of emphasis on taking care of their child’s baby teeth simply because they aren’t permanent. However, adult teeth are just under the gums above baby teeth and can be affected by the care given to your child’s first set of teeth. It’s important to brush thoroughly and prevent any cavities, root damage or even gum infections that may harm their permanent teeth when they come in. It’s also good to set a standard of how teeth should be taken care of at an early age. This will help promote good dental care that will last into their adulthood.

Just like anything you are trying to teach a toddler, things should be put in non-threatening manner. Whether it’s a cartoon themed potty or a song to sing while cleaning up toys, the approach in teaching your toddler something new makes a huge impact on how well they take to the activity. Teaching a toddler proper brushing techniques for their teeth should be put in a way that promotes their willingness to participate in their dental hygiene.

Songs like, “Brusha! Brusha! Brusha!” by the Pajanimals or “The Nurdle Shmurdle” song are great tools to use for making dental hygiene a fun activity for your toddler. You can download “The Nurdle Shmurdle” video online by clicking here, and then you can use the video for prepping your child before they brush their teeth. This will help them to understand what the process is like and can make for a fun background song for when they brush their teeth.

The toothbrush is another fun aspect of the teeth brushing process for your toddler. Make sure to choose a toothbrush that features one of their favorite characters and is suitable for young teeth and gums. A helpful way to incorporate your child in this new activity is by letting them choose their own toothbrush. Taking them to the grocery store or local pharmacy can make the toothbrush a fun, toy-like apparatus that might help motivate them to use it.

There are toddler toothbrushes that features almost any favorite character from Spiderman and Thomas the Engine to Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer. Spinbrush offers some great alternatives to the regular toothbrush, that offers oscillating bristles to give a more thorough cleaning process. The My Way Spinbrush lets children customize their toothbrush with special stickers to spell their names and put their favorite activities on the toothbrush. The stickers can be easily removed to adhere to your child’s ever-changing tastes.

There are even musical toothbrushes that allow your child to hear a certain song while they brush their teeth. The Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Toothbrush plays a musical tune for two full minutes to encourage children to brush their teeth for an appropriate amount of time. This teaches them to perfect their brushing technique to get into every crevice, instead of a quick swipe that won’t thoroughly clean their teeth.

Implementing a few simple tricks to help your toddler with their brushing techniques will help to motivate them to participate in their dental hygiene. Not only will this help with their scheduled dental visit bills, but it will help to create a lifelong standard of how they will take care of their teeth into their adulthood.