Guide to Stylish and Functional Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are more than a necessity for toting baby’s things; they are a statement of who you are mother extraordinar. Today’s mothers are so much more than just care givers; they are professionals, wives, single moms, and more importantly individuals.

You wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes, no matter the cost, if they didn’t fit. So why lug around the wrong bag?

There are hundreds of different types of diaper bags on the market. Your bag should suit three things: Comfort, Style, and Function. Different lifestyles demand a different type of bag. You wouldn’t wear a pair flip flops to a business meeting, would you?

First and foremost the bag you choose should be comfortable. Wide shoulder straps ease the discomfort of a heavier packed bag or one that is hung from your shoulder continuously through out the day. Make sure the straps are adjustable; you want the bag to hang where it is most accessible to you. If you are considering a diaper bag that converts into a backpack make sure you measure the bag to your back. Bigger bags entice us to pack more, and on some occasions the extra room is needed, but you don’t want a pack that is too large for your size it may cause you back problems later.

Then there is style. Designer diaper bags have become all the rage. They are hot, hip, and setting new trends amongst women. From brown mocha and pink polka dots, to flared fur trims and sequins, there is a myriad choice of color, texture, and patterns available. You’ll have a hard time choosing. Just like shoes, you may need to buy more than one.

Leather diaper bags are classic, sleek, durable, and high rise professional looking. Even when you’ve finished those baby days of carrying diapers, leather is versatile enough to convert to a more professional look for everyday use. Worn and scuffed, no problem, college and high school students will put your bag to new use hauling books to class. Another plus, leather cleans up well, no more worrying about that exploded juice cup staining the fabric of your bag.

Backpack diaper bags have been climbing the popularity scales with the younger generations of mothers. Many backpack diaper bags found by top designers are made to convert to a messenger bag for quick over the shoulder carrying ease. If your like me, with more than one child to scurry after, you’ll appreciate a bag that offers a hand free approach to going out anywhere with children. You don’t have to be going on a hiking expedition, just a walk around the park, to realize the value in this style of bag.

Personalized diaper bags give you the option of adding a monogram or name to the front of your bag. Some even go as far as to allowing you to customize the layout of the letters, and choosing additional pockets for you bag.

You bag needs to be functional. The goal is less mess, less time, less energy spent on the one thing you depend on most – your diaper bag. Without it, even the best mom, would be lost in a sea of endless tears.

Most bags have outside pockets for easy access to bottles, keys, cell phones, or umbrellas. You don’t want to be caught trying to pull at a zipper with a cranky baby in the other arm and another tugging at her shirt hem. But, not all zippers, in the right location, can be intrusive. They help keep little fingers from getting things like nail clippers and Tylenol at random search intervals. Inside bags there has to be plenty of space for the things you carry most. Such as: diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes, and baby bottom toiletries. Then of course interior pockets are a must to keep items organized. You don’t want to have to go fishing for a pacifier in the middle of the grocery store parking lot.

Look for a diaper bag that is easy to take care of inside and out. Wipe able liners are a mom’s best friend. Cookie crumbs, leaky cups, unscrewed baby food jars are inevitable. You wouldn’t want to throw away those brand new shoes because you stepped in the mud. Neither would you want to do the same to your diaper bag, especially, if they matched your new shoes.

Comfort, style, function, no matter what elements go together to make the diaper bag of your choice, remember it’s you. At your next play date, trip to the park, or a few hours at the office, let your bag do the talking for you. If all else fails, you’ve always got your shoes.