Guide to Pregnancy

Pregnancy Signs

Pregnancy can be indicated by having several of the following symptoms: sore or tender breasts, a missed period, increased fatigue, and sensitivity to smell or nausea. Upon confirming pregnancy with a store-bought test, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Pregnancy Magazines

You cannot be too informed when it comes to pregnancy, as long as you keep what you read in perspective to how you feel. For example, if you are scared of delivery and reading the details only frightens you more, you should keep your delivery-day research to a minimum. Pregnancy magazines are the perfect resources because they walk women through the stages of pregnancy from every possible angle. Whether you’re looking for a detailed view of what’s happening to your body, or simply need an emotional hug or comic relief, pregnancy magazines are widely available and can be found at your OB/GYN, local retail and grocery stores, book stores and more. For the computer savvy mom, a few simple key words typed into a search engine will do. You might try words such as pregnancy, magazine, webzine, birth, labor and delivery’ etc.

Getting Pregnant

There are any number of things that can factor into a prolonged period of trying to conceive. Starting out the best advice would be to relax and enjoy trying. Too-frequent intercourse can deplete the sperm count, and scheduling sexual encounters can dampen desire. Be aware of when you’re going to ovulate (using basal body temperature tracking or an ovulation kit), but don’t pressure your partner or yourself. Be spontaneous and enjoy it. After all, orgasm increases the amount of semen that is drawn into the uterus. If you do not get pregnant after a year of trying, see a doctor.

Diabetic Pregnancy

Diabetic pregnancy known as gestational diabetes can happen to anyone. Fat or thin, healthy or sick, it can happen during any given pregnancy. For example, you can develop GD during a second or third pregnancy when you didn’t in previous pregnancies, and having it can be a predictor to developing it in future pregnancies. Gestational diabetes ranges from moderate to severe, and while it generally disappears sometime after birth, it can morph into regular diabetes or be a predictor of developing diabetes within the next ten years. Your doctor should test for it, and can control it on most occasions with exercise and a healthy diet, along with medication when necessary. GD is one of the leading causes of advanced birth weight in infants, and is one very good reason to see a doctor throughout the full gestational period.

Pregnancy Information

It it is important to be informed about some things with regards to pregnancy,which include knowing your options for care and delivery, understanding required and optional exams for the mother and fetus, the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy, how to prepare your home for an infant, classes available for instruction on parenting, medical issues that may arise, the possibility and prevention of premature birth, the breastfeeding decision, what to do with the baby’s cord blood, and general information dealing with emotional health and wellness in both the expectant mother and her partner. Helpful information can be found in books, magazines or online.

Pregnancy Calendars

Forgetfulness is one common side effect of pregnancy, and keeping a calendar goes miles for helping to ease your mind. You can make note of scheduled doctor visits, prenatal classes, expected symptoms for each trimester, progress you’ve made or milestones like hearing the heartbeat or seeing ultrasounds, among other things. Later you can tuck it away to be treasured always. Creating the calendar that suits you best can be found online in a simple search or even be as simple as using the calendar or date book you have at home.


Twins are the result of a fertilized egg splitting into two separate fetuses or the implantation of two separate eggs. Whether a long family history of twins exists or they are a first-ever occurrence, the discovery of twin heartbeats is often a welcome surprise. A twin pregnancy takes twice the rest, energy, nutrition and effort to bring to term, and of course, twice the effort to deliver. If you’re expecting twins it would be a good idea to find a mom’s-of-twins group early on to join and get the feel of what you’re in for. Nobody knows what to expect with twins like other mother’s of multiples. There are also great resources to be found in books, asking your OB, and online.

Baby Names

Naming the expected baby brings with it the affirmation that this is indeed a member of the human race, and of great importance to us. In times past, names were a way to honor a loved family member, or the origin/meaning held something personal to our lives. As years progressed, parents began naming their children after popular television characters, actors and singers, or even their favorite brand names. The one thing that has stayed constant is that whatever we name our children, it has some significance to us. So, if you’re more traditionally minded and want to go with a name from long ago or one that will bring to mind some loved family member, or whether you simply want a name that’s never before been heard (with a unique and original spelling), go for it! Just try to keep in mind that your child will live with that name forever, and be kind!

Pregnancy Test

“Am I pregnant?” It’s the question that sends women running for the little plastic stick that holds their future. There isn’t much to pregnancy tests they all require urine, and the result can only be one of two things. For this reason, I say go with the generic test. This way if you’re running through three or four a month you’re at least not going to go broke doing it. Then, when that magical day arrives and you get that positive go for broke! Get the super-fancy drip-free, digital read, smiley face, glow-in-the-dark ,” yes, you are pregnant” test that costs a fortune! After all, if you’re trying that hard for a baby you’ll definitely want to keep this special memento, and you do not want it to leak, streak or stink!


It’s the word that alters your universe in a split second pregnant. It can strike fear into your heart or send you to the moon, based on your personal wishes. Pregnant it’s only eight letters long, but it is the reason you are even reading this article. Somewhere, sometime, somehow your mother got pregnant and decided to keep you. I’m of the mind that pregnancy is special and rewarding, but however you feel about it, from the moment you discover you are, your life is changed forever.