Guide to mattresses to choose for a toddlers bed

Choosing a mattress for a baby’s crib can offer a number of different options because there doesn’t need to be a huge amount of support. Moses baskets and other cradles offer minimal support and many baby safety guides advise using a no-frill take on baby’s sleeping areas. However, choosing a mattress for a toddler can be a little trickier.

Many parents invest in a convertible crib for their baby because it makes for a smarter investment in the long run. Convertible cribs offer an increased height for easy access to small newborns who aren’t yet able to stand on their own. However, growing infants can utilize their convertible cribs to transform into a toddler bed.

For parents with convertible cribs, the initial mattress purchased for your baby may not be the right one for your growing toddler. Many mattresses go through wear-and-tear that loses the spring and support that is needed for your toddler.

For parents with convertible cribs, it can be better to purchase a thinner mattress for your toddler. The toddler stage in the convertible crib either has a side rail or a daybed type format. A thicker mattress may not suit the attachable guard rails well and the daybed format combined with a thick mattress can have a higher level to fall from for toddlers new to the non-crib format.

Other toddler beds are closer to the ground with built-in railings and casings to allow for any thickness in your choice of mattress. However, not all toddler beds have guard rails that are deemed sufficient in the eyes of the parent. Regalo Bed Rail is a great alternative to standard wooden or plastic bed rails because the mesh is breathable and can be adjusted in terms of placement.

Many parents make the mistake of choosing mattresses for their toddler without taking into account the occasional mishaps that can happen with a growing toddler. While waterproof mattresses or removable machine washable covers are on the forefront for baby mattresses, many parents think these features aren’t as needed for choosing a mattress for their toddler.

However, toddlers can have just as many mishaps during the learning stage and transition to a toddler bed from a crib. Whether it’s the occasional bed wetting incident during the potty training phase or a vomit episode from a stomach sickness, having an easy to clean mattress for your toddler’s bed can be a great way to prolong the longevity of your mattress.

Picking a mattress for your toddler can be a little difficult because of all the different features to look for. Although the safety issues of suffocation hazards with blankets may be gone, there are other important aspects to look for when choosing your toddler’s mattress. Understanding the features that are most important to your particular situation, crib and bed is the best way to find a mattress that will last in the long run.