Guide to buying a baby highchair

A highchair is one of the most used pieces of baby equipment, so it is worth spending extra time choosing one to ensure that it is going to be a wise investment. Also, this large piece of equipment is going to be a permanent fixture for quite some time, so it needs to be practical. With an extensive range of different high chairs with varying costs to baffle new parents, how do you know which highchair to choose?

Here are some tips for buying a baby highchair:

When is a highchair needed?

Once baby is ready to be introduced to solids, and is able to sit up unsupported then a highchair is required; however, don’t worry too much, as you can sit baby on your lap to feed her first taste of food, as she only eats a couple of spoonfuls in the early days. Once a highchair is needed, decide which type of highchair will be best suited to your needs, budget and space. Some of the most common types of highchairs are as follows:

Multi-functional highchairs

The most popular choice is a multi-function highchair, as these can be converted into a low chair and table so they can be used as a child gets older. These have a longer life span; however, they are generally bigger and bulkier. Ensure you have plenty of space, as these are not suitable for storing away, and they are not easily portable.

Typical wide based highchairs

These types of highchair have a wide base for stability, and they are usually equipped with many features. They generally offer a reclining seat, which is a nice addition as infants often fall asleep during or after a meal. Other features are a removable seat pad and tray, which is convenient for cleaning purposes. Most wide-based highchairs are basic; however, they can be folded away for storage. The fact that they can be collapsed and folded means that they can be stored away if space is at a premium.

Wooden highchairs

Wooden highchairs have a simple and elegant look; however, they usually have no special features. The main advantage is that they are the easiest to clean, as they are simplistic in design, with minimal areas for food to become lodged. They are generally of high quality and should remain in good condition for subsequent children. They can be more expensive than their counterparts, but they can be a solid investment.

Different highchair features

One of the most important features of a highchair is the tray, which needs to be of an ample size, and preferably feature a high rim to avoid spillages of foods and drinks. The tray should be easy to operate for adults, but not so for children. Trays that slide in and out easily make it easier to get a child in and out of the chair. Another useful feature is a removable seat pad, as they can be machine-washed. If space is limited you may wish to store the highchair away when not in use, however, in reality most parents decide against this and usually keep the highchair set up for convenience. If the highchair can be folded, make sure it is easy to fold and unfold, and that it features a sturdy locking mechanism.

Is it safe, durable, and practical?

Once you have decided which type of highchair will suit your needs there are a few other points to take into consideration. Things to factor into the purchasing decision are budget, space and safety. The most expensive highchair doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best, as quite often the basic highchairs are far better as they are practical. A highchair needs to comply with safety standards, and it should be fitted with a restraining five-point safety harness. Ensure that it is sturdy in design, as all babies bounce around and rock back against the seat, so make sure that it isn’t going to topple over easily. Be sure to thoroughly inspect a highchair before purchase.

There are lots of factors to consider when buying a highchair, you need to make sure it meets your requirements, and that it will be a wise purchase, as this should see a couple of years’ use. It should be easy to operate and clean, and most importantly it needs to be safe. Remember: Never leave a child unattended in a highchair.