Guide to Baby Safety in the Bathroom

While many people emphasize baby proofing the kitchen and electrical outlets when thinking of safety hazards in the home, the bathroom can sometimes be overlooked. Relying on close doors to prevent babies from entering bathrooms can be hazardous because there will inevitably be times the doors are left open, whether it’€™s due to forgetfulness or lack of knowing by visitors. It’€™s important to fully baby proof your bathroom so your baby is protected from all areas of the home.

Toxic chemicals

Bathrooms can often be filled with toxic chemicals and cleaning products that are hazardous to babies. It’s important to remove all items off the floor of your bathroom and put cabinet and drawer latches on all cupboards and vanity items in the bathroom. While it can be convenient to have baby shampoos and body washes close to the base of the tub, these items can be harmful to your baby if swallowed. Purchasing a caddy for all of your baby bath products can be a great way to keep all of these products together off the floor and still have a way to conveniently access these items for easy use.

Toilet lock

The toilet can be a danger in the bathroom because they can fall in and incur drowning or head injury in the bowl. The lid can also be a hazard because of danger in slamming shut on small fingers. Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock is a great product that keeps lids down with a handy opening mechanism that is easy for adults to have ready access to the toilet without posing a hazard to babies.

Tub safety

While babies are usually bathed in custom bathing units placed inside the bathtub, it’€™s important to baby proof the bathtub for fast growing babies. A non-slip mat should line the bottom of the tub to prevent falls and slips. A faucet safety head is needed to prevent head injury and a thermometer is good for keeping water at a safe temperature. Aquatopia Safety Audible Thermometer & Alarm is a handy product that alerts parents when the tub temperature differs from a comfortable range for your baby. Perfect for water flow that can change in temperature while running and for parents who may not know what is too hot for baby’s delicate skin.

Babies can get into every room of the house regardless of how careful you might be to keep gates and doors closed. Baby proofing every inch of the house is important in protecting against any harmful safety hazards for babies. The bathroom is no exception to baby proofing, but purchasing a few inexpensive safety products can make your bathroom safer for your baby.