Guide to Baby Cribs

Buying a baby crib can be a tough decision with the number of different types of cribs on the market today. How do you choose between a round crib, standard baby crib, canopy crib, convertible crib or a portable crib? Then there are basic safety features to look at when purchasing a crib and pricing. You will want to choose a crib that is special for your new baby.

Choosing a standard crib or a round crib with or without a canopy.

First, look at the space or room that you have to place the crib in before deciding on the type of baby crib that you will purchase. Standard baby cribs fit well in most rooms, because of the shape and sides that lift up or down so that you have an option for turning the crib different directions in the room. This allows for placing it against a wall to leave more floor space. The cost of a basic standard baby crib can start at around $250 to $850 The cost is increased when you add extras to the crib, and where you shop for your babys crib. Canopies can be added to standard or round baby cribs and come in different colors to match the dcor of your baby’s room. Round cribs are beautiful, and lend an air of elegance to a baby’s room, especially when adding a canopy. Usually one side will drop down for ease of caring for your baby. They come in a wide range of styles and colors. Round baby cribs require more room due to there shape. The cost of a round crib ranges from $899 to $2500 and can come with a canopy or without.

Convertible cribs can be utilized for several years.

What makes this baby crib unique is that a convertible crib can grow with the child. They convert from a baby’s crib to a toddler’s bed with some also converting to a full size bed. This type of baby crib comes in wonderful colors and can fit into different room decors, sizes, and more. The price for these cribs is comparable to the standard baby cribs starting at a cost of around $270 to $900 range. One thing to remember with the convertible baby crib you will have to purchase a mattress as you convert the bed to different sizes.

Why a portable crib?

Portable crib are a wonderful item to have when traveling or just going over to grandma’s house. They are usually compact, easy to carry, and assemble. They provide a safe place for your baby to sleep while away from home. Portable baby cribs can range from $160 to $400. A portable crib can have a single drop rail, convert from a crib to a changing station and playpen or even to a toddler’s bed.

Last but not least when looking for any baby crib be sure that it meets safety standards, preferably the gold standards as set by the JPMA. You will find this information on the baby crib when purchasing. It is not recommended that you use a baby bed from a thrift store unless you see that it meets all the requirements for safety. There are approximately 9,000 injuries per year and approximately 50 deaths a year that are baby crib related. You want a happy, safe baby. Look at safety first, usefulness second, then beauty when choosing a baby crib.