Guide to Avoiding Overstimulation for Babys first Holiday

The holiday time can be a fantastic event that generates laughter, fun, and memories for years to come. When a new baby is introduced to the family it can make the holiday or holiday season all the more joyous. Still, the holidays can also be busy and draining, particularly if there are long hours or late nights filled with activities. Therefore, there is always the risk that parents will overstimulate their baby during these holiday times and knock them out of their pattern or routine. Here are a few things to think about when planning for baby’s first holiday.

Stick to the schedule

One of the easiest ways to overstimulate a baby is to take them out of their routine. When the holidays roll around, parents have to deal with traveling, unfamiliar environments, and events that do not conform to the feeding and sleeping schedule of the baby. Sleeping is probably the most crucial, so parents should do everything in their power to make sure that their baby gets their scheduled naps and that they go to bed at their “normal” time. Keeping them up until all hours of the night can be disastrous the next day. Granted, they may be able to be somewhat flexible, but several nights of disruption can make for a miserable holiday for everyone. Also, parents should make sure that they have proper sleeping equipment, which may necessitate bringing along a portable crib on trips.

Limit passing them around

Another way that a baby gets stimulated is by getting passed from person to person in a short period of time. Granted, everyone wants to see the new baby, but parents should try to spread out the interaction over a period of time. Babies can tire easily when they are constantly switched from person to person, mostly because every person will probably try and interact with the baby. This will also aid the health of the baby, as being passed from person to person can cause them to more quickly acquire germs and viruses.

On some level, the new baby is going to be overstimulated on the holidays. However, the savvy parents can plan for contingencies and make sure that they are prepared to minimize those stimuli. This will make for a more enjoyable holiday for everyone.