Guide to a Safe Prom

Most parents let their high school kids have more freedoms than they should.  At my school, there was a school-offered after prom party on a boat.  The buses did not get back from the trip til 4 am.  That is simply ridiculous.  To keep your kids safe on a prom night, here’s what not to do.

For starters, don’t allow your kids to go to  some far-off place with their date and friends.  This is like asking for trouble.  Your kids should either have cleared with you to go to a friend’s house in close proximity, or they should be coming straight home.  Don’t let your kids go to a house where you know there will most likely be drugs and alcohol present.  If the parents who will be supervising your children seem irresponsible, then your kid should not be going. 

Another good idea is to provide transportation for your child and their date.  Either arrange for a service to drive them, have the date’s parent drive them, or drive them yourself.  It is the best way to ensure you know where they are at all times.  In the event that you can’t drive them, don’t let them run pell mell around town.  Have them call and text when they get and leave some location so you know where they are at all times.  Never let them carpool with people you don’t know or aren’t comfortable with, it will simply lead to a bad situation.

Do not, I repeat, do not let your kid go to a party.  It may seem a bit harsh but parties are where the worst stuff happens.  There are too many variables you cannot control.  The people that are there may be a little shady, there may be drugs and alcohol, or there could be the danger of those things happening.  Parties may be fun, but they have the potential for disaster.  Parties introduce an atmosphere that leads to low morals and poor decision making.  Even if your kid is a star pupil and role model for the local middle school, don’t let them go because peer pressure can do things to people that even they themselves normally wouldn’t do.

In short, prom is supposed to fun for the kids, but limit the fun to the good clean fun.  Keep track of them and don’t let them stay out too late.  Make sure they alert you when things change and be a little lenient, after all it is prom night.  If they miss curfew by ten minutes let it slide an hour, not so much.