Guide Teenager Past Drugs and Crime

Being a teenager can be hard and the temptation to do the wrong thing is everywhere. Whether you are worried about drugs, crimes, or sexual issues, you can use this article to guide your teen past temptation so they can continue to be morally aware of themselves, which results in productive members of society.

The most important thing to begin is a dialogue. You have to be able to talk to your teen. Start now if you haven’t already, even if it is just about sports or something you saw on the news. Once they get used to talking to you and more importantly, to listening to you, then you will be able to guide your teen past temptation.

Help your teen avoid situations where you think they are too weak to resist. Take the choice from them. You must help them make the right decision, even that means saying no and meaning it. Having alternatives will help you here. Replace the bad thing for a good one and explain it openly so they will begin to understand compromising in order to do the right thing.

Attempt to limit interaction with bad influences but do not ban contact, as you are trying to teach your teen to find the strength to do it even when you are not around. Trust them if possible and do not pass up the opportunity to casually point out flaws in the bad influences. For example, if your teen’s friend was arrested, point out how glad you are that your teen wouldn’t make that mistake and ruin all their plans for a great future.

Keeping it short is hard to do for parent. You have so much you want to share but a teenager’s attention span is short. They’ll tune you out very quickly. Be brief. Use small sentences. They’ll hear more if you say less.

Leading by example is another of those very important and yet, very hard things to always do. Even though you are of age, drinking alcohol in front of your teenager and then denouncing the evils of drink will be treated with a roll of the eyes. Kids do what the adults around them do. 

Be patient and understand they will make mistakes. Deliver reasonable punishments, talk about it, and then move on. All of these things will help you guide your teen past temptation and into the responsibility of being an adult.