Great Travel Games for Young Kids

There are so many choices available today, to keep kids occupied on long trips. When you travel, plan to pack 2 bags. One bag for clothes and toiletries, and one bag for fun and games.

When allowing them to look for games, set a rule to not open the play bag until about 30 minutes into the trip. After that time, try to hand over one item at a time, so that they are not overwhelmed with everything at once. Don’t let the child hold the bag, or everything ends up in the floor. Givng your child just one item at a time makes it last longer, keeps things organized and allows you to manage time better.

Here are some suggested items to bring on a long trip. As a rule, if you keep a child’s hands busy, they will sit for longer and be quiet. 

Low-Cost and Simple Items: 

1. Crayons and Coloring books: If you decide to take crayons, be sure to bring new coloring books and a container for the crayons. The crayons will never stay in the box the whole time, and a plastic container is just so much easier. Also, don’t bring so many crayons. Just take primary colors (about of them) so that you don’t have to pick up so many of them when you are done.  

2. Paper and pencil: If your child is old enough to write, you can give them ideas of little lists to make. Tell them to make a list of what they want to do when they get there, or a list of what their favorite foods are, or even their favorite toys. Get their mind to think ahead, and get yourself a little quiet time.

3. Magna Doodle: This is a magnetic board that allows you to draw pictures on it with a magnet pen. With one swipe across the bottom, you can wipe it clean and start over. There is no mess and it’s easy to use! It also comes with magnet stamps in shapes like triangles and circles to make pictures more fun. 

4. Glow Board: A Crayola Glow Board is similar to a magna doodle, but it has colorful drawing options by using the black board and the special crayons that come with it. If your child is artistic, get this board with the colors. It will entertain them longer with the vibrant colors.

5. Books with Flaps: Find some board books with flaps that your child can open and close to keep them busy. Also, the sensory books keep them occupied too, and are low in cost. Kids love to do touch and feel on the sensory books. You can find these on Amazon, or browse through your local bookstores clearance section.  

6. Trivia Questions: The Brain Quest series has a set for all ages, and helps keep kids busy while learning! These are questions and picture cards for specific age groups. They are easy to use and come in a pack with 300 of more. Don’t worry, they are fastened together so that you don’t lose them and they don’t make a mess.  

Small Electronic Items:

1. Game Boy advance personal game player: These are very popular, and you can get more games for them as your child grows. Look for the games that are rated E for everyone. These are the best ones for children. There are cartoon games from their favorite series, as well as movie themed games from their favorite movies. If you buy these used on Amazon, they are very affordable and worth the price! You can try these as early as age 4.  

2. Portable Movie Player: The portable DVD players are the best item to have, since movies last about 1-2 hours. Bring their favorite movies or buy a few new ones for the road. Portable movie players start at around $36.00 and are lightweight. Just be sure to bring headphones so that you don’t have to listed to the cartoons the whole way there.