Great Tips for Potty Training Boy Toddlers

Potty training can be a difficult time for toddlers and parents alike. The process can be especially difficult for boys because statistically boys take a little longer to potty train than girls. There are extra dynamics to potty training boys than girls because of the sitting and standing stages during the potty training process. However, there are some fairly simple tips for potty training boys that will make the process run a little more smoothly.

Special potty

Because it can be a little intimidating to start a new routine for using the bathroom, purchasing a special potty for your boy toddler can be a great way to encourage their willingness to use it. Whether it’s the Prince Potty Chair that makes your boy feel like royalty during his special time, or the Thomas & Friends Potty with Sound to make it a less threatening and fun time, specialty potties are helpful in motivating boy toddlers to actively participate in potty training.

Pee guard

During the first stage of potty training for boys, it’s important to choose a potty with an attached pee guard. While there are potties with pee guards in almost all potty chairs, a quality pee guard with a high reach is crucial for boys. Shorter pee guards don’t effectively guard the entire area and there will inevitably be some messy cleanup afterwards. Also, detachable pee guards are distracting to boys and can easily be fiddled loose. An attached, high guard for splatter can be found in potties like the Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty which has a contoured shape to protect against any accidents.


During the last stage of potty training for boys, teaching them to stand and aim can be a little difficult. Getting them used to the standing process is hard in and of itself, but aiming is the most important part. Purchasing some potty training aids for aiming can be a good way to make a game out of the process for your boy toddler to encourage their willingness to make it in the toilet. Piddlers Toilet Targets are great potty training aids because they come in a variety of colors that are easy to see and aim for. Their flushable design makes them easy to use and great encouragement for boys.

Although potty training can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, the end result is well-worth the extra effort. Following a few simple tips in potty training boy toddlers can make the process go more smoothly with less messy accidents.