Great Indoor Activities for Girl Scout Brownies

Girl Scouts is a great experience for girls as they will learn many important lessons and participate in numerous fun activities.  There are many fun and educational activities that may be completed outdoors.  These are especially good options when the weather starts to get really cold or is often rainy.


It is a great idea for Girl Scouts to check out the local museums.  Not only can they be educational to visit on their own, but many museums will offer fun programs, some of them specifically for scouts.  You can usually check their website or call their customer service phone number to find out if there are any programs during the year for Girl Scouts.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun activity that may be a new experience for some members of the troop.  One piece of advice is that you may want to encourage the girls to wear a bicycling helmet for some extra protection if they have never ice skated before.  Extra parents may also be needed for this trip if there are a lot of beginners in the troop, although, do not let that discourage you from doing this exciting activity with the girls.

Painting Pottery

This is an activity that your Brownies are sure to love: painting pottery.  What is really nice is that you can often find pottery studios that will have a program for Girl Scouts that lets them not only paint a piece of pottery, but they will also get a lesson about the kiln and pottery making in general.  You will want to contact your local pottery studio(s) to see what types of programs they have available. 


There are many activities in the Brownie Girl Scout Try-It book that will keep your girls busy in an indoor location.  This can be done at the regular meeting time or you can even hold an extra meeting at someone’s house to cook while earning the “Make It, Eat It” Try-It.  There are many possibilities to explore in the book.


Brownies will love going to a theater to see a live performance.  This activity can get a little pricey, but may be used as a reward for a successful fund raiser.  In December, you will often find productions of the Nutcracker put on by local dance companies.  There will even sometimes be scout programs before or after the show that you can register for.  You will want to contact the theater or check the website of the dance company to find out what programs, if any, they offer.

These are just a few of the many fun indoor activities that a Brownie Girl Scout troop can participate in.