Great Chores for Toddlers

Toddlers are never too young to start helping with the household chores. When they start to learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves from an early age, they will be more likely to continue the behavior in the future. Parents can turn the chores into a game to make it a fun activity. Of course, parents have to choose wisely on what activities a toddler can do.

Although a toddler is not going to do his or her own laundry, he or she can help with some of it. First, toddlers should be able to learn to put used clothing into the hamper. Show them where the hamper is and demonstrate. You can purchase a number of children’s hampers with characters on them.

The children can also help with simple folding. For instance, if you have any clothing that simply gets folded in half, then an older toddler might be able to do that. Also, toddlers might be able to sort the laundry. For instance, he or she might be able to separate pants from shirts from socks and so on. Alternatively, your child could separate the clothing by its owner. Not only will this help you and expose him to chores, but it can help him with his sorting skills. Put on music and let him dance to it. You can also let him help with laundry by putting his own clothing into their drawers if you think he can manage it.

A toddler should also be able to help with straightening up. For instance, you can teach your child to put his or her toys into the toy bin when he or she is done playing with them. This will help keep the floor clean. Get a wide bin so that it is an easy task. You can also get several bins and let him or her practice sorting skills by placing the right toys into the right bins.

Children can also help with sweeping or vacuuming. You can purchase small brooms and dustpans for the children. He or she may enjoy holding a Dustbuster or a vacuum.

Helping with pets is another great household chore for toddlers. You can take your child with your while you take the dog on a walk or let him or her feed your cat. Not only will your child learn the importance of helping out, but he or she will also learn about taking care of someone else.

Household chores can help teach a toddler responsibility. Make sure to give your child safe and age-appropriate chores.