Grandparents how to help your Daughter in Law during Pregnancy

Having a daughter in law can be either easy or difficult, but it all depends on your behavior and how you want the relationship to be.  To help your daughter in law when she is pregnant is a wonderful thing.  There are ways that are more helpful than others and it is your job as an in-law to figure out where your help is most needed. 

Mothers to be are very nervous and also have their hormones all over the place, so tread lightly.  As a mother in law it is important not to overstep your boundaries.  If you wind up overstepping your boundaries during her pregnancy, the relationship with her once she has the baby can be damaged.  The most important thing you can do is not to ever offer advice.  If your advice is asked for then I think it is okay to give your opinion in a non-critical way.

Other ways to help your daughter in law during pregnancy is to help out with her daily responsibilities.  If she has kids already, help out by watching the kids two days a week, so your daughter in law can rest, run errands or connect with other mothers.  If this is her first baby, help with housework, grocery shopping and putting together some dinners for the week, so she does not have to cook every night.  She may even ask for your help in getting the babies room set up and also helping her to figure out exactly what she may need when the baby comes.  During pregnancy there are times where you get really tired, so anything you can do to help your daughter in law during her pregnancy to ease her daily activities would be helpful and the best gift you could give to her.

The less stress on your daughter in law during pregnancy the better.  So try not to bother her about the names she is thinking of giving the baby, that is her business and don’t get involved.  Do not insist on being in the labor/delivery room, even if she is allowing her mother in the room.  Some people are more modest and prefer to limit the amount of people in the room, especially during delivery.  The best thing to do is be helpful in the ways your daughter in law wants you to even if it means staying away and not coming to help as much as you would want.