Grandparents Digital Age Grandparents Dealing with Technology

Once upon a time, grandparents were wise sources of much knowledge. With loving dedication they guided their grandchildren through new experiences such as baking an apple pie or building a kite to fly up in the sky. Today, though, it appears that kids are actually paving the path through the digital age for their grandparents. Baffled, grandparents rejoice on how their grandchildren are smart and computer savvy, on how fast they can type and how they can easily navigate through the murky waters of technology.

 It takes some effort  for grandparents to keep up with the quick technological advances that take place on an almost never ending basis. It almost appears as if each time they think they got a hang of a new gadget, a newer version replaces it. Grandparents who have gotten finally accustomed to operating a cell phone may now feel overwhelmed by the presence of Apple i-phones, smart-phones and Blackberries (which have nothing to do with those nice berries picked along country roads on summer walks).

 Keeping up with all the technological lingo may  also take quite some effort. Kids may use such wordings deliberately often leaving grandparents baffled and perhaps, a little bit embarrassed to even ask the meaning of those words. Its like if they can already here their bewildered grandchild say ”But Grandpa, you do not know what an iPod is?”

 However, at times keeping up with the digital age is a must. Grandparents often must deal with their digital illiteracy when a birthday comes up and their grandchild says ”Grandpa, I would like a Nintendo Dsi” So then the grandparents must first learn what a Ninetendo dsi is and then they must navigate through the correct aisle once they have made it to the electronics store.

 Staying up to pace with the digital age  may therefore prove challenging at times and be the source of some embarrassment when dealing with unknown terminology. Not to say that sense of cluelessness grandparents may face when attempting to ‘’operate’’ some of these mysterious gadgets.

 Yet, while adapting to the digital age may prove to be quite challenging, it must be admitted thatsome grandparents appear to adapt quite easily because they simply love to share experiences with their grandchildren. These are grandparents that go out with their kids to watch the latest 3D movies or who do not mind increasing their mobility engaging in a game of Nintendo Wii. These are grandparents who have learned how to use the iPod shuffle, the Apple ipad, and who can surf the web and chat online with their grandchildren. These are the grandparents that keep up with the digital age and who are often even proud of it. These are the grandparents of the 21st century.