Grandparents and Divorce Grandchildren Cushion in Life Custody

Without a doubt, all loving, caring grandparents are going to be affected by their grown child’s divorce. Divorce, no matter how aimiable, is disruptive to grandparents and grandchildren alike. Both their worlds, as they knew them, warm and loving, are now fraught with many new questions and possible fears.

Will the grandchildren have to move away? Will they be given to a custodial parent who is not willing to share the time and expense of continued visits for the grandchild, if a move is involved? Worse yet, will the grandparents be held hostage to the emotional whims of the custodial parent, if the relationship was not close before the divorce?

Questions abound, and go round and round to the now emotionally insecure grandparents. They love their grandchildren and become, often times, a comforting cushion to their grandbabies in life. They have had the experience of raising their grown children and have learned, through experience over the years, what is important and what is not so important. They usually are a huge asset in the family circle.

Grandparents are invaluable in inculcating family history, family stories and a sense of continuity for their grandchildren. Tearing that apart, is like a mini-death to most. In a sense, it is a death. Death of a family. The grief can be deep and ongoing.

As grandparents age and retire, they keenly have an interest in the goings on of their grandchildren. They have more time for chit-chat and helping to smooth out the bumps in a grandchild’s life. They have wisdom from years of experience. They looked forward to just enjoying the simple pleasures grandchildren bring to them. From first paintings proudly displayed up on the fridge, to shopping for the perfect graduation presents, grandparents lovingly anticipate celebrating these wonderful milestones.

Grandparents also suffer in another profound way. That is, they can not take sides in a divorce, even if their grown child has been taken advantage of or is the innocent victim of a cheating mate. They try to maintain neutrality so as not to rock the battling divorce boat any further. Believe it or not, they can suffer more stress over the situation than the battling duo. They will lose sleep and the every day aches and pains become more noticable.

Wise and mature adult parents who love their children, will come to an agreement so that all four of the grandparents have access to the grandchildren. To cheat the grandparents out of this loving arrangement, will only create grandchildren who are also being cheated out of one of life’s greatest rewards, their loving and cherished grandparents. Please do not make this mistake, and take away your children’s comforting cushion….when they very well may be needing it the most.