Grandparent are special for many reasons

Grandparents are extremely special people who play a very formative role in the lives of children.  They possess many qualities that younger individuals have not yet perfected, and they have been subject to a wide variety of life experiences that others have not.  While each and every individual that a child comes into contact with will undoubtedly impart some sort of experience, whether good or bad, a grandparent’s qualities, perspectives, and abilities are always unique.  The love and passion that grandparents possess for their grandchildren cannot be matched.

Life is extremely fast-paced, and many individuals often do not take the time or make the effort required to teach a child the importance of family and relationships.  Grandparents, however, have commonly begun to slow down and “smell the roses.”  They are primary role models in most family circles-they are the fabric that holds the family unit together.  They model love and respect for one another, and they display kindness and consistency.  

Throughout life, everyone is subject to experiences which mold who they are.  Grandparents are special in that they have had far more of these formative experiences than any other family members.  They can tell stories of times now gone, times that were much different than today.  It is extremely important that a child has some knowledge of that which is not familiar, as it gives perspective, and a grandparent’s perspective is quite unique.  

Perhaps one of the most special attributes of grandparents is that they are able to show others what a loving and respectful relationship is all about.  Grandparents do not talk down to one another, and they do not fear affection.  They respect others and follow the Golden Rule to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  What you put into a relationship is what you will get out of it.

Most importantly, the love of a grandparent cannot be matched by anyone; it is a love that is unconditional. Children inevitably make mistakes, and they often try the nerves of the adults in their lives.  Grandparents, however, have an uncanny ability to overlook a grandchild’s shortcomings.  They are special in that they meet the unsavory characteristics and actions with love, patience, and acceptance, an ability which can only be acquired with age and experience.