How many times have you been walking through the school hallways and heard two people whispering “Hey did you hear that Jared is dating Jessica?” “No, he already has a girlfriend.” This is gossip, and while it may seem harmless it can cause many problems in people’s lives. Gossip can destroy relationships, and reputations, but people never realize how much they are hurting people until the damage is done, and most gossip is just a bunch of lies, that may have started out true but changed to were not even half is true.

I hate gossip, because of how it can hurt people and how it changes from a true story into a lie. Most people who enjoy to it are people whose lives are not interesting enough, so they have to talk about and ruin others. Gossip is extremely wrong, and nobody should do it. Although gossiping may be fun, it is a total invasion of privacy, and you have no right to talk about other’s personal lives no matter how interesting it is. Most people who gossip either do not realize what they’re doing to others, or just don’t care. Most gossip starts out as just a simple story, but every person that hears the story adds to, or changes it, and soon the truth has been twisted enough that it is a complete lie. The only reason that people do this is because they have nothing going on in their lives so they lie about others.

Sometimes gossip stories can just be a misunderstanding that people have turned into a big deal when it’s not. Other stories can actually be 100 percent true, but that does not give anyone the right to talk about it, nothing gives anyone the right to talk about other people’s private business. Yes, I know we have free speech in this country, but just because something isn’t against the law doesn’t make it right, and nobody should have the right to ruin other people’s lives, reputations, or relationships. So the next time you want to gossip, or talk about people’s personal lives try first to stop and think about the damage you may be doing to other’s lives. Damage done by gossip can sometimes be fixed, but if it is possible to fix the damages then it can take a long time days, months, or even years. All these problems because some moron couldn’t keep his mouth shut about other people’s business.