Good Dating Advice for Teens

It’s common and really needed the parents’ concern about the life and the paths taken by their teenage children, I believe it possible for parents greatly influence their children’s lives through their own life examples. In most households, little children and adolescents have parents as their models of faith, compassion, truth, sincerity, honesty, and moral conduct of life. For this reason, the power imposed on the parents about the direction of children’s lives is so strong but not quite decisive, so it’s necessary the constant advice and parental guidance.

Here are some advices:

1. Always advise your children to be cautious about the level of trust and access they give to their colleagues until they have built bonds of trust and understanding about the other person to be truly consistent, we need to know first the other person so we can have a close and personal treatment with this person and it takes time to happen.

2. Always advise your child to show respect for the human being. When we show respect, the natural tendency is that we also have this treatment in return, respect also involves knowing the boundaries between friendship and invasion of privacy.

3. Instruct your children to never lie to please or to meet the expectations of another person. Generally, when the home is not an environment full of love and peace the trend is that teenagers feel unhappy, bitter, unloved and eventually they try to fill this with others persons, many cases of teenage pregnancy are due the lack of faith, love and spirituality within their homes.

4. Prevent your teen to do not go to unknown, dangerous or unsuitable places for their age and always be accompanied by people of more confidence, in doing this, the parents are awaring their children about the dangers of being in an environment where there are no guarantee of physical security.

5. Advise your child never to go beyond the limits, I believe that sexually intimate relationships are properly experienced by people with full physical and moral conditions and with full maturity for this as well as I believe that faith and belief in God, that is, the spiritual growth of the individual are great regulators of the sexual life of human beings, enabling them to be as responsible as possible about their wants and desires, without guilt of conscience.

All these are councils from parents full of faith and good conscience that can show love for their children and guide them always in the best possible direction in their lives, when parents have such a strong and good influence on the lives of those which constitute their best realization, they come to see the results in the years ahead.