Giving the new baby girl a complementary middle name

The two most popular middles names for girls, Ann and Marie have been replaced with newer selections, as modern parents struggle to select middle names to compliment the trendy first names given to little girls today.

Parents will sometimes choose their daughter’s middle name to honor a relative, or with some other significance that makes the selection easy. When that is not the case, picking a suitable middle name can be as thought- provoking and time-consuming as selecting the first name.

The middle name ought to compliment the first name and have a melodic rhythm that is pleasing to the ear.

Some of the more popular middle names for girls:


Rose, a classic and feminine name, was a popular first name for girl’s a half century ago. It has had a resurgence as a preferred middle name because it pairs well with some of the trendier first names so popular today.

Bailey Rose

Madison Rose

The short, sweet one syllable sound also pairs well with multi-syllable first names.

Carolyn Rose

Isabella Rose


Grace is both a religious and an old-fashioned name. It is an ideal choice for pairing with old-fashioned multi-syllable first names such as:

Madeline Grace

Natalie Grace


While this name is popular, it is not as smooth flowing as Grace and can be awkward as a middle name. The ‘th’ at the end gives it a harsher, less rhythmic sound, but it does well with such first names as:

Samantha Faith

Savannah Faith


Nicole was a very popular first name for a girl in the 70’s. Kindergartens were overrun with little girls named Nicole. Today it is more often used as a middle name and is easy to pair with today’s popular first names for girls.

Ashley Nicole

Megan Nicole


Sometimes the parents’ ambivalence is revealed when they choose a first name from the top ten list of modern girl’s names and then pair it with a regal and romantic middle name, such as:

Rylee Victoria

Shelby Victoria

The five examples given in this article for most popular girl’s names today were gleaned from Suite 101. Many more choices to consider, when the ultrasound reveals your newborn will be a girl, can be found at on line sites such as, Baby Name Genie and Baby Name Search.

When you hear the news that a friend or relative is expecting a baby, offer thoughtful congratulations in the form of the ideal present, the book, “The Baby Name Wizard: A magical guide to finding the perfect name for your baby” by Laura Wattenberg.

Whether parents opt for traditional, old-fashioned or modern, trendy first and middle names for their feminine progeny, all concur with the sentiment contained in the song, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.”