Giving – Giving

Is giving up a child for adoption giving or selfish? Absolutely GIVING!

We have a young adult pregnant, in the midst of a divorce and custody battle for a three year old. This young adult has no viable income, she is renting a room from a friend and now has this new life growing within her. What should she do? She looked at all her options, have the baby with application for welfare until she gets on her feet or abort the child. Aborting the child would make her guilt to hard to bear. Giving the child up for adoption and always have the knowing that you gave your child to other people to raise?

After many days and hours of emotional pain, she contacted a reputable adoption agency. She reviewed the many parents registered with the agency and wanting to adopt a child. One couple stood out, we will call them “Rick and Linda,” they had one adopted child, Linda was a stay at home mother, well educated and the family links were filled with adopted children through out their personal families the word “adoption” was normal in their world. The couple wanted one more child to complete their family after experiencing multiple miscarriages. They came to visit the young adult and meet her family. There was an instant connection between the young adult and this unique couple. The young adult made the decision to accept this couple as adoptive parents for her baby. They shared every moment of the pregnancy by telephone and the couple attended medical visits at the young adult’s request.

The day of birth arrived and the adoptive couple along with the young adult’s mother, and friends surrounded the room as the big event took place. In just a few hours the child was born, the adoptive father was asked by the birth mother to cut the cord, tears ran down his face and the birth mother as he cut the cord. After the baby is cleaned and medically checked the nurses turn to hand the baby to the adoptive father and he shakes his head and says this child belongs to that young woman to hold and love. The young woman holds the dear child in her arms and with a gentle kiss she gives the adoptive parents the newborn baby with a smile upon her face and says this child has brought all of us together filling each of us with a life time link of love and the ability to give.

Giving a child up for adoption is indeed giving for all the people involved. It requires selfless love. The mother has given this child a family filled with love, opportunities and growth in a positive environment and in return they have given the young adult woman a gift of knowing her child will have a life filled with love from so many people