Gift Ideas for Adopting Parents

Adoption, getting to choose a baby to make yours, is a wonderful thing to those who do it and the babies they choose. When someone has adopted a child, not the most frequent thing you may come in contact with, it can be difficult to know what you give them. Should it be like someone having a new baby? Yes, but it should be more. Most adopting parents have been through a lot to get to the point where they get to be parents to an adopted baby. This makes this birth’ particularly special. So, treat it as a new baby gift, but remember to commemorate the specialness of adoption
What you choose as your gift depends on whether you are buying for the adoptive parent, the adopted child, or the birth parents who are surrendering their child to a better life. Chances are you will be buying a gift for the first two.
Adoptive parents need all the same things as anyone bringing a new baby (or child) into their home: all the accoutrements of babyhood, including baby furniture, diapers, toys, clothing, and more. Almost anything you could pick up in the baby isle of your favorite store would be a good choice.
To present a special gift for the parents or child of adoption: think keepsake. Photo albums, scrap books, memory books, baby books, keepsake chests, adoption jewelry, baby footprint kits, adoption clothing, adoption ornaments, movies about adoption, gift certificates, poetry, magazines and books are some ideas to get you started.
These kinds of gifts are ones that will be cherished forever by the adoptive parent and the adoptive child. It will remind the parents every day how blessed they are to have this child in their life. It will remind the child every day that s/he is a special child who was chosen and wanted. There are several phrases out there you could incorporate into your gift such as “child of my heart” or “born in my heart”.
Remember that the best gifts are those from the heart, and what is closer to your heart than a gift you hand-crafted special for them? All it takes is a little imagination and creativity, an ability to buy a craft book, or an ability to look on the internet for ideas. Even if you buy part of your gift, you can create a special card for them.

Probably one of the best gifts for adoptive parents is a special photo album or photo frame that has been decorated by you to represent the love between the parents and their child, and the special aspects of adoption. Creations using baby hand or foot prints or pictures of the child are also good. By sharing your special gift, you can share in the joy of a special birth’. Is it the same as a regular birth? Yes, but it’s so much more, and your gift can show your understanding and support to these people who are about to start a wonderful life together.