Gift Ideas for Adopting Parents

A baby shower’ is the traditional way to give gifts to expectant parents as they await the arrival of their child. This sentimental tradition can easily be adapted for adopting parents as well and it doesn’t matter if the expected child is a newborn, toddler or older.
Let’s take a look at the possibilities!

Traditional baby shower gifts can be tweaked’ to fit the occasion.

While a baby book to record first’ accomplishments and celebrations may still fill the need if the new arrival is a baby, a slight adaptation and a scrapbook can make room for numerous new title pages and categories to capture the special moments of the adoption process. Journal pages can be added allowing plenty of room to record the emotions and excitement of waiting for their special child. Continued journal entries can record the thoughts from all family members as they find out about their new family member and the first year as a family.

A digital camera may be an option for sharing all those new family snapshots with family and friends. If cost is a concern even the new one time use digital cameras make a great gift for the adoptive parent to have on hand for spur of the moment photo opportunities!

If the adopting parents are also first time parents, a copy of a good parenting guide may be appreciated along with some personalized cards offering free advise sessions’ from a more experienced mom and dad if questions arise or a sympathetic listening ear is needed. Good book options can be found at any bookstore or even on line.

Personalized gifts are always a hit. Once the adoption is finalized and the child’s name is legally changed a keepsake with their full name and the date will make a nice gift to be cherished in years to come. For babies, perhaps a baby blanket, first Bible’ or plaque.
An older child may appreciate a backpack, jacket, or even a baseball cap with his or her new last on it. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

For those adopting parents looking forward to the arrival of a school age child, a Welcome to the neighborhood kit may be just the solution needed to help the new arrival make a smoother transition to a new neighborhood and school system. This kit can include tickets or coupons to places to visit like the movie theater, ice cream parlor or amusement park. Also include photos of the school the child will be attending. Contact information needed to get registration information sent in. A School calendar with the holidays and breaks filled in of course. A letter of welcome from the new teacher would even be a nice touch if that could be done in advance.

Of course the most important gift an adopting parent can receive is the loving support of family and friends who will help welcome the new arrival with open arms. The gift of true unconditional love and acceptance is priceless.