Getting your tween out of bed without a struggle

In the early days your child has always been your inbuilt alarm clock getting you up at ungodly hours raring with life, when all you want to do is go back to sleep. However, once they reach the tween stage of development, all this changes as they can sleep through until the middle of the afternoon if you allow it, and even an earthquake cannot wake them from their slumber. This can be slightly frustrating for parents, as they may see this as laziness and a waste of good daytime hours. Getting your tween to rise in the morning without a struggle can seem virtually impossible, as you know if you even dare try to wake them you will face their wrath.

So, just how do you get your tween up and going in the morning without facing a struggle?

Keep your tween on a schedule

As your child is growing they want more freedom, with this they want to do more things that adults do. One of which is stay up late whenever they possibly can, as this makes them feel more grown up and a part of the family. This is a bad habit to allow your child to get into, as when you agree to letting them stay up for an extra hour at the weekend this alters their inner body clock, and of course they will need to sleep for an extra hour or so the following day, which will be permitted as you realize they went to bed later than usual. Once this habit is formed it can be difficult to break, and it will lead to them struggling to get up and go the following morning, as their sleep routine has been disrupted. Keeping your tween in a consistent routine will stop them from developing bad habits, and they won’t face that struggle in the morning.

Organization for stress free mornings

Half of the battle in the morning is the pandemonium that takes place as everyone is flustered and rushing about, all the stress that ensues is likely to make anyone want to sleep through this saga. Having structure and organization to the morning routine can help to negate any of the stress and tribulations that are associated with it. Once a morning routine is set, the house will be a much calmer place, and be a better place to wake up. Instead of shouting up to your tween, wake them gently in a happy tone to start their day off on a positive note. A warm smile and a friendly ‘Good morning’ won’t be met with the usual grunt and demand of an extra five minutes. Having a jolly atmosphere running through the house in the morning will reflect in your tweens demeanor, they will be bright and positive and feel much more upbeat in the mornings.

Relax and unwind before bed

Many tweens are either connected to the TV or computer in the evenings, and other tasks are set aside in favor of relaxing and having fun. Firstly, you need to set a few rules here, homework should be tackled shortly after entering the house, give them some time to recharge their batteries with a snack and a fun activity, which should be followed by homework. Set them the challenge that when their homework is complete they can they have a set amount of time to do an activity of their choice, such as watch TV or play computer games. Towards the end of the evening allow your tween some quiet time prior to bed to enable them to unwind and relax for sleep. Their minds need to be desensitized, and they need to have time to ‘unplug’ and ‘switch off’ from the world.

Give them incentives

Provide your tween with an easy to operate alarm clock, give them the challenge that if they are awake and ready for school on time for the entire week, they can have a reward at the weekend. Decide on a suitable reward that is realistic, and something that they will want to get. This will set the challenge and it will get them moving in the morning without you causing them grief, this will also teach them to be independent individuals. Before you know it, your tween will be in the habit of bouncing out of bed sparkly and bright and ready to go before you have finished your coffee. This habit will hopefully stay with them, and it is an important habit that they will need for later life. Set incentives but also have consequences set in place if they fail to meet your expectations.

A positive happy vibe will start the morning on the right note, a good schedule set in place will ensure that your tween will be able to follow a routine, and the struggle of getting them up in the morning will long be forgotten.