Getting Ready to Work at Home

Once the decision to become a work at home mom has been made, preparations must begin to prepare the house and the family for this new endeavor. The mom is about to switch to a dual role as a mom and either an employee or a small business owner. Likewise, the house is no longer just a home but also a workplace.

Designate an office space.

The first thing to do is set aside a designated office space. Having office space will help you keep your head in the game and keep you from getting distracted. When you are in the workspace, you work. You don’t think about laundry or dinner or the grocery list. The other important factor in designating office space is that when you do so, you get to take a tax deduction for you office space. That means part of your mortgage, electricity and heating bills will become tax deductible.

An office space does not need to be an entire room in the house if you do not have the space for it. You can designate a part of a room as an office space.

Establish rules and a schedule.

Establish rules before your first day of working at home and stick to them. Rules could be things such as “Do not ask mommy for a snack while she is at her desk” and “If mommy is on the phone, only interrupt is somebody is hurt.”

Develop a schedule that will help your children understand how the day will go when you are working from home. Make sure that you make specific times in the schedule to take breaks and be with the children, such as a morning snack and story time break. Plan to work as much as possible during nap time. Plan activities to keep the kids focused while you are busy.

Hire help.

If you determine that you need household help in order to work from home, make those arrangements before beginning work. It may even be best to have the help coming for a few weeks before you officially begin work, just to get the kids and yourself adjusted to having new people around. You may want to consider either part-time child care in your home or a maid service. When you are working from home, your children are inevitably making messes around the house and you will be too busy working to clean up.