Get the Kids Moving with a Healthy Breakfast

Have a healthy breakfast before school with kids and help them start their day off healthy and hearty. Every day kids rush off to school without having breakfast.  A balanced meal such as breakfast is the most important time of the day.  Starting the day off with kids and a healthy breakfast will not only help the children but will help the parents feel strong and energized for the day.

*Wake up earlier*

Take 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and wake up before the kids and get a breakfast ready for them. Whether this is a healthy green smoothie, scrambled eggs and whole grain toast or something as small as a piece of fruit, get it prepared. By waking up earlier and getting the meal ready for the kids, they will have something to look forward to each morning that is healthy and tasty when they have woken up themselves. Getting the kids to wake up 10 minutes earlier will also give them time in the morning to eat their breakfast.

*Eat breakfast together*

Kidshealth suggests having a family breakfast to reconnect with one another. Eating breakfast together will not only help a family be able to bond in the morning but give a sense of structure. Eat breakfast with kids or read the morning paper to them. By involving kids in a family activity such as eating together, children will develop habits of eating breakfast each morning and enjoy the time together.

*Avoid junk*

Rather than having an unhealthy meal for breakfast, sending the kids off with cereal bars or packaged foods, avoid junk food. Avoiding the junk and watching what the family eats will help give healthy eating habits and help to strengthen the core of the body. Without eating junk food, the body will have all natural ingredients and be able to produce more energy for the kids to go to school and perform better.

*Pack a snack*

If the kids are not hungry in the morning for breakfast give them the option to have a snack to take to school instead. Packing a healthy snack such as bananas, granola, or low fat yogurt is a healthy option to have for riding the bus in the morning, or between classes.

Aside from waking up earlier, avoiding junk food, and packing a snack, a parent can also be sure their child eats healthy by packing a healthy lunch for the kids to have during lunch time.