Gay Adoptive Parents – No

Everything is critical when raising a child. As far as adopting children, studies have shown that children do best when raised by a father and mother, together.

Right off the top, if a child is going to be raised by a gay couple, it only stands to reason that the child’s view of homosexuality will be influenced favorably toward homosexuality.

Tolerance of homosexuality is what encourages boldness in the gay community to forge onward toward more legal rights; more accommodations; positions of power and competing with society as we have known it for thousands of years.

We need to remember that homosexuality is progressively asserting itself into the forefront, nevermore to be satisfied with being at the fringes of society.

The family has always been known as a unit containing a father and mother. The father’s role is critical and children do best in homes with both a mother and father. This is proven fact.

Gays have made it quite apparent their goals go beyond just tolerance and quietly blending in. Many are aggressively endeavoring to change the rules of society in their favor.

Already, public schools are actively indoctrinating children into gay awareness with the goal of accepting it as as something normal and natural. The “squeaky wheel” has been “getting the grease.”

Secular society is turning its’ back on biblical standards and morals; replacing them with new laws and more people-friendly “morals”.

The point is, society is changing radically. There is so much compromise going on and there appears to be no end to it. It’s a bottomless pit that will never be satisfied.

If all that the homosexual community wanted was to be tolerated by society, they wouldn’t be moving forward for more power, rights and influence. Tolerance would be enough. Yet, now society is expected to accept homosexuality as moral and perfectly natural.

Homosexuality is still a moral issue. Yet the government and the growing secularism in general, have been making the gay agenda – their agendas. See what the squeaky wheel gets?

Just because the squeaky wheel gets the grease, however, doesn’t mean that it’s right. Despite the fact that society is moving toward accepting it – doesn’t mean that’s right, either.

We’re allowing our state school districts to put these ideas into our children’s minds now … young children who don’t need to be thinking about sex yet;  let alone – sexual preferences.

US public schools, having once come from using the Bible in educating children, have made it a new priority to indoctrinate America’s children with not just tolerance – but complete acceptance of homosexuality.

It isn’t enough to keep their private lives private. It isn’t enough that society tolerates it. Now it’s being shoved down America’s throat and laws are being changed in favor of homosexuals.

Can we fancy that the gay community has become a movement, political group and an organization – all because of who they prefer to go to bed with?

They became tired of not being recognized as valid by society for thousands of years. Doesn’t those thousands of years speak for themselves?

If we allow gays to adopt children as well as continue infiltrating our society, we will be completely saying goodbye to society as we have known it. Are we prepared for that?

Does America protect her children anymore? Children cannot speak for themselves and they rely on the “grown ups” to make good decisions for them.

Textbooks are being changed in order to baptize our youth into this secular, global-friendly mentality. Anyone who has lived over 50 years, has seen how things have declined and deteriorated in society, morally, ethically and you name it.

America is being undermined right under our noses, by those on the other side of the moral fence.

Of course, secular society pushes this message that we should all be accepting of everyone. To embrace “diversity”. According to them, that is “good morals”.

If studies have shown that the ideal parents for a child are a father and mother, then it isn’t and shouldn’t be – about what the potential, adoptive parents may want. It’s about what children need.