Games to Make Walks and Hikes more Fun for Children

Getting the kids to take part in walks and hikes is a great way of making sure they get enough exercise and it also helps expose them to the beauty of nature. But just as some adults get easily bored on walks, some kids do too. Playing games whilst walking and hiking can help keep the children entertained, even though there are limited resources, there are many games that kids can play.

Questions only.

This a game where the kids are only allowed to speak using questions, they have to attempt to keep a conversation going for as long as possible by only asking each other questions. Kids can play this game by themselves or you can join in.


If you are on a leisurely stroll and not constrained by any time limits then hide-and-seek is a great game to keep the kids busy. Always make sure it is safe to play and never play hide-and-seek in an area that allows hunting.

I spy.

I spy is a classic game and when you are on a walk or hike it has limitless potential, it will not only help keep the kids entertained, it will also help encourage them to look at the beautiful surroundings. If they need a push and are playing using words like bag or shoes then ask if you can play and pick something that means they will have to look closely at the surrounding area.

The one minute rule.

In this game, one person must pick a topic that another person has to speak about for one minute without hesitation or repetition, the topic can be anything, but the rules are if they hesitate for more than five seconds or repeat an important word they are disqualified.

Who/what am I?

This game requires one person to think of an object or a person, the other person then has to try to find out who or what they are by asking a maximum of fifteen questions. You can make it harder by only allowing them to ask yes or no questions. This is a game everyone can play and if you don’t get it in fifteen questions then you have lost.

The alphabet game.

In this game, one player comes up with a sentence and the next player must start a new sentence beginning with the last letter of the previous sentence. The sentence needs to be related to what has already been said and it needs to make sense. This carries on until they players reach the end of the alphabet.

Playing games whilst hiking and walking can mean you and the kids get enough exercise, get to experience all the wonders of nature and the kids get to play some games and hopefully bond with siblings and parents alike.