Gadgets to help Parents keep Children Safe

In today’s market child safety gadgets and gizmos are plentiful and smart retailers know how to market the latest innovation to young parents who eagerly welcome any tools that might help keep their children safe. But the latest and greatest isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to child safety.  Many of the old tried and true have proven to be timeless and are just as effective in protecting your child as they were you, when you were young.  Some of these classics have new looks and added features, but the idea remains the same and today’s parents still use them to help keep their children safe.

The baby gate may look sleeker and now come in assorted hardwoods to match your household décor, but it still functions the way it always has.  There’s nothing better on the market to protect your child from climbing up and down stairs before he is safely able to do so. Nothing beats it for keeping your crawler out of the kitchen when supper is on the stove. Baby gates can be used all over the house to keep small children out of harm’s way.

Child safety outlet caps are a must for every parent with toddler-aged children.  The cap fits securely into each unused electrical outlet and prevents a small child from inserting a foreign object into the socket and receiving a nasty and potentially dangerous volt of electricity. Modern versions of the older caps have sliding covers that are a bit tricky to maneuver, but when pushed aside, make the outlet accessible, slipping back into place when the plug is withdrawn. And in a new twist to an old safety feature, outlet safety caps are now being touted as energy saving devices when used on outside walls to cut down on cold air entering the home. This makes their use a win-win for parents who are both safety and energy conscious.

Another timeless safety gadget that has also experienced a face lift is the child latch which, when installed on a cabinet door, prevents a small child from accessing hazardous items being stored there. Inexpensive latches can be purchased in most box stores that have an infant department. Kids Safe offers a full line of safety latches that will secure everything from oven doors to toilet seats.  You can even purchase a set of attachments that keep desk and dining chairs securely fastened to their tables, preventing toddlers from crawling on top of furniture and falling.  If money isn’t an object, professionals will install beefier latches that make it next to impossible for your child to open cupboard doors that are off limits.

If you already own and use the familiar gadgets like baby gates, safety latches, and electrical covers and still want to investigate some new innovations there are two safety items that you may just want to add to your repertoire. Parents often share growing concerns about children just wandering off, or worse yet, being accidentally injured while playing in the driveway.  While safety gadgets that can address these issues are pricier, if your budget allows for them, you may be willing to pay for the added peace of mind that you will gain.

Consider purchasing individual door alarms that, when installed, chime each time someone tries to exit the house.  If you are concerned about using a “do-it-yourself” alarm kit, you might consider having a professional alarm company install a system with the same “chime feature” that will protect your home and your child. When your back is momentarily turned and the door alarm is triggered, you will know instantly that your toddler or preschooler is attempting to escape.

Many parents are concerned about children, their own or someone else’s, playing in the driveway when they are backing out of the garage and into the street.  Newer vehicles often have an added feature of a sonic warning sound that clues the driver into the presence of an object behind them.  For a lot less money you can purchase a video surveillance system for under $200 that includes a camera that you mount above your license plate and a small video screen that is installed in the front of the car. Your video camera will give you full view of what is behind you and you need never worry about hitting a child in the driveway.

Beyond the basics of child safety there are numerous gadgets available that, while they may not be essential, make a parents’ job much easier.  If you’re looking for the brightest and best you might want to take look at infrared no-touch baby thermometers or ramp up your child’s safety identification kit with a CD Rom package from Guard a Kid which allows you put all of your child’s essential data including fingerprints and complete identification into a format that can be instantly e-mailed to law enforcement on a moment’s notice.

There’s so much out there that can help make child safety easier for parents.  But every growing family has a budget and while many of the gadgets available sound great, they may not be affordable.  So start with the tried and true safety measures, the ones that have been keeping children safe for generations.  Install baby gates, use safety latches, and plug unused outlets.  Consider the added security of a door chime and a rear bumper surveillance system to protect your child, not just from what’s inside, but from what’s outside as well.  The rest is really a matter of preference and budget, and not necessarily essential.  When it comes right down to it, what makes the gadget worth the purchase is if you believe that it is essential to your child’s safety and if it will bring you added peace of mind.