Gadgets that Make Child Safety Easier for Parents

From the moment your child is born, your first concern is for their safety. You obsess over what products to buy, and what safeguards to use around the house. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with many products that can help.

One of the biggest fears that many parents have is that they won’t hear their child when they are in another room. One of the first, and most appreciated gadgets to come along and address this problem was the baby monitor or intercom system. With one of these near the baby’s bed, parents can listen in, monitor their child’s activity, and even their breathing.

Once your child is up and walking, the sky is the limit as far as where they will go, and what they may touch. This is a frightening and frustrating time for the parent, who needs all the help they can get keeping track of their toddler. Safety gates have been around for a long time, but they have come a long way from those old wooden finger pinchers. Gates today, that are invaluable for keeping toddlers from stairs or other dangerous areas, are plastic, sturdy, and child friendly.

Children are curious, and will open any door that is within their reach. While it is never a good idea to keep chemicals and cleaning products at child level, plastic door handle latches designed to keep those cupboard doors closed are vital. Outside doors can be secured with specially designed door knob covers that cannot be turned, or even warning systems that sound an alarm if the door is opened. Door stops that will keep inside doors from being pulled shut save  many little fingers from being pinched.  

One of the least expensive but most important items you can buy are plastic plugs that fit into electric outlets that are not in use. These close up the outlets and prevent little fingers, or other items from being accidentally inserted.

While some people object to the idea of keeping their child tethered to them when in a crowd, the alternative may be even worse. Children can easily become distracted and can disappear quickly New, comfortable harnesses, help keep them close and safe, while still giving them plenty of room to roam.

Even if you spend every waking hour monitoring your children, accidents can happen and any gadget you can find that helps you keep them safe is well worth the money.