Fun Things to do with Snow in Winter

The leaves are changing color, and the air is getting crisp. This is a sure sign that winter is coming, and with winter comes the snow. The snow can be a menace to some people, and many people don’t like to go out in the snow, but the snow can actually be a lot of fun. This article will discuss 5 fun and unique things to do with snow in the winter.

1. A winter time capsule is a fun activity that you can do with snow, and children and adults will enjoy the fun of finding the time capsule in the spring time. Start by finding a water proof container such as a bottle or Tupperware. Next find items that are important to you and remind you of winter time put them inside your water proof container. Next find the biggest pile of snow that you can see and bury the time capsule in the very bottom of it. Cover the bottle with a plastic bag and duct tape. When all the spring comes and all the snow melts you will be surprised and excited to open up your fun winter time capsule.

2. Writing messages in the snow is a lot of fun, and the more space you have the bigger the messages can be. Start by deciding what you want to write; you can write happy holidays or simply smile. Then use a shovel or your feet to write out your snowy message. People will not expect to see a message in the snow, but they will smile when they realize what they are seeing.

3. Water guns do not have to be used only in the summer; they are a great toy for fun winter activities in the snow as well. Simply mix some kool-aid or food coloring with some water and fill the guns with the liquid dye. Spray the snow with the water guns to create pictures and words. This is a fun project for multiple people, and it will prove that water guns are fun all year round.

4. A snowy treasure hunt is a lot of fun for kids and adults, and it is a great outdoors activity in the winter. If you want to inspire your kids to shovel you can perform this treasure hunt in the driveway as an incentive to shovel it clean. Hide the treasures right before the snow, or lightly cover them with powdery snow after the snow has stopped. If there are noticeable paths in the snow run around in it awhile to make the paths confusing. Remember to hide things that will not get ruined when wet, and seal delicate items in plastic bottles and containers. A winter treasure hunt is a fun activity to do with snow.

5. Making an igloo out of snow is a lot of fun, and it is a great way to be active in winter. Start by making big balls out of snow and rolling them into a circle. If you start making your ball far enough away from your igloo you can roll it on the ground until you get to the perfect spot so that it will be big enough. Keep adding more and more snowballs to your igloo, and slowly make the circle smaller. When the circle gets smaller start working from the inside, and you will have a fun winter igloo to hang out in this winter.

6. Snow Sculpture contests are a great way to have fun this winter, and this is an activity that your friends and family can have fun participating in. For this contest, divide the yard or park you will be making snow sculptures in, into enough sections for each contestant. Allow a certain amount of time for each sculpture to be created, and judge the winner by secret ballot. Prizes can be anything from a sled to a drink at the local pub.

7. Making a fort and having a snowball fit is a lot of fun, and it is a great way to feel like a child again. Add a fun twist to this winter activity by wearing a white shirt over your coat, and spraying the snowballs with a mixture of acrylic paint and water. This technique will allow you to see how many times you have hit your opponent, and it will make this winter snow game a lot more fun.

8. A winter snow maze is a great activity when you have a lot of snow and a big yard. Start this activity by picking a big clear area away from the road. Find the center of the area and start making a path and shovel the snow on each side. After you have gotten to the end add other directions and dead ends to your maze, and invite people over to get lost in it this winter.

9. Everyone who lives in a snowy area has made a snowman at least once in their lives. This is a common thing you can do with snow, but have you ever tried making a snow man scene? Imagine a snowman sword fight, or a snow man fishing. Feel free to give your snowmen a lot of personality by using fun props and clothing. Instead of making a regular old snow man this year, try making a snow man scene when you want to have fun with the snow this winter.

There are many fun and unique things you can do in the winter time, and everyone should make sure to take advantage of the fun that can be had in the winter snow. It is important to enjoy the snow instead of hiding from it. So be creative and put your gloves on; winter snow can be a great time if you make it one.